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Men’s Clothing- Style Resolutions

Though it is March, but it’s never too late to make plans and promises in regard to your style. When it comes to styling yourself and getting the best of everything, this is the right place you’ve come looking for. This blog serves you with the most functional and not shocking tips or in this case resolutions, that’ll be your knight and shining armor to face the world- that too in style.

Whether you are a fashion fanatic or a layperson who seeks to add style without investing his entire month’s salary, this is the blog for you. Go on and read it till the end to acquire the basic sense of dressing.

Choose basics without spending much

Basics not only refer to the underclothing; it also advises you to opt for the basic men’s clothing articles including shirt, trousers and accessories. Do not spend a lot of money on everything and check for the basics before you end up spending all your money. For example, invest in a white Oxford shirt that is versatile by nature, and can be paired with anything and everything or a black linen trousers for the summer months. They'll last longer and you can wear them with practically everything. Why classics? Because they’ll last forever!

Dress for your age

You might look 35 when you’re just 30 or vice versa. That shouldn’t stop you from wearing the proper clothes that are made according to your age. The Sand Pebble prodigy Steve McQueen, is a man who is known for his style and dressing down strategy. Hence, he got the title ‘The King of Cool’. It is advised to dress according to your age and stop running behind the latest trends. Do follow them, but only if it for you.

Be aware of your potentials and flaws

Potentials and flaws are not only the kind of work you do; it is also about knowing yourself and your physique well. If you know that you have the streamlined physique, that’ll be one of your plus points. Likewise, you must know what suits you and what not. Go for a suit that flatters your physique and opt for men's underwear style that fits you right. Whether you are the man in thongs or someone who loves mens low rise underwear; select the styles that comfort you and complete your look.


Marc Jacob once mentioned, “Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it.” Make sure you do not break your look by either wearing the wrong accessories or not wearing any of it.

Aim high and try to complete these resolutions by investing less from your pocket. Dress well and dress to impress. Check out the assortment of new arrivals at

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