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5 Key Pieces of Clothing to Carry on Your Next Vacation

Women are always the ones who are held responsible for packing for the vacations because men face many pitfalls while doing the same. Looking at it from a different perspective, they already have a lot of things to take care of in regard to the trip that they miss out on things while packing.

Well, not anymore! I have compiled a list of 5 key clothing pieces that will complete your travel bag without proving any hindrance in your fashion quotient while you travel.


Oh yes! You should carry a couple of t-shirts (according to the number of days you’ll be spending) that is vibrant, summery and very comfortable. Practically, it is the most indispensable article of clothing for the summer months. The only aspect you need to look up to is buying the correct ones for yourself. A white or a neutral shade is what calls for the summer days because the dark ones to capture heat.

Lightweight trousers:

Another versatile piece that goes with anything is a lightweight trouser. Made of linen or cotton and cotton blends would just be what you need to feel heavenly at your favorite destination. These fabrics make you feel comfortable are equally made for the heavy-duty (durability) you’ll be experiencing at the vacation. Beige, Off-white or any light shade would be the right one to choose.

Chino shorts:

You must be thinking that I am obsessed with Chino shorts or Chino trousers. Well, I am and you also should be. A versatile piece by nature, it has been tried and tested for its good looks, versatility, and comfort. Whenever you wanna feel free, get into these shorts and hang out with the ones whom you want to.

Cuban Collar Shirt:

The one that is a must have for the year 2016 and also be featured in fashion shows, the Cuban Collar shirts are definitely a part of the key collection. A seasonal piece available at every high-end designer, these shirts are good to invest in.

Right men’s underwear:

Not forgetting the base of every outfit, guys underwear is as essential as the other options mentioned above. You must make sure that whatever you pack for traveling should be lightweight, easy to carry and should have quick drying features. Anything like sheer, lace, cotton blends would be suitable to be carried. Know more about sheer underwear here. When it comes to styles, you can choose your favorite as well as in accordance to what you’d be doing at your destination. The designer underwear styles would include briefs, bikinis, or even thongs and g-string.

With these traveling essentials, you won’t have to compromise with your looks and fashion quotient. From the outfits to the basic men’s underwear, make sure everything is fashionable.

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