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Winter Essentials For Men in 2016

The weather is changing, the temperature has started to fall but it’s still not the time that you put on your woolens. Well, if you cannot put them on, you can still start to take them out of the storage or start making the buy-list in order to bag deals. Don’t we all look for the right time to buy stuff, even if it is the odd season? For example, just to avoid paying a little extra we buy winter wear when the summers are arriving and the clearance sale is on.

Don’t worry, you’re not the one who does it. However, what matters the most here is that you pick the right pieces for yourself that are worth the winter months and stylish as well.
    • Beanie Caps:

Going from head to toe, because my mother always said that if your head is covered, you’re less likely to feel cold. Believing her words to be true, I would suggest you have a Beanie Cap that keeps your head warm and your ears covered without hampering your style quotient.
    • Scarves:

Scarves are not only an essential element when it is considered in the cold months because of the warmth they provide, I always opt for a scarf because acts as a splash of visual appeal in your entire outfit. With a cashmere scarf around your neck, your fashion appeal goes up a level.
    • Layering your upper body:

Layering is done in summer months as well but the kind you need in winters has a different purpose to it. Whether it is formal wear or casual, if you get the art of layering right, there’s no chance of looking back to the ordinary days. Vest/undershirt, shirt, sleeveless cardigan, suit jacket and an overcoat are the articles that match your formal needs whereas; undershirt, t-shirt, casual suit jacket/denim jacket woolen overcoat/puffer jacket/parka for casual layering.
    • Underneath fashion:

When the days go short and the snow starts to fall from the sky, you need anything and everything that makes you feel warm be it your men’s underwear. I would just tell you here that the more the coverage, the better the warmth you’ll get down there. Long boxer brief underwear, boxer shorts, men’s brief underwear made with warmth providing fabrics.

Intymen Brief Underwear

    • Footwear:

There are many options available for men when it comes to their footwear. In order to put the best foot forward, you can choose from the boots varieties. There’s something for every occasion and outfit when it comes to boots and they all aim at keeping your feet warm.
    • Gloves:

Just one of the necessary accessories for the cold months, hand gloves are a pair of a functional piece that keeps your hands from freezing and going numb in the winter months.

Cotton, Wool, Cashmere, Leather, Denim and a few more are the winter fabrics that you must keep in check. Cotton might not be as warm as the other fabrics but surely helps you breathe well with all the loaded fabric on your body. Start preparing now and have a stylish winter.

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