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Why do men crib when it comes to changing their Mens Underwear?

Men are not known to be the ones who crib for things, it is basically a trait that is reserved for women. Well, jokes apart - when it comes to buying stuff, especially mens underwear men seem to be slightly lazy. Lazy?? You might ask. Well, yes because there are so many reasons for which they do not think underwear for men is worthy enough. Well, some reasons could be:
  • Zero visibility inside the pants
  • An understanding that a lot of support is not necessary below the belt
  • Who does actually care for the underneath fashion in comparison to the outfits?; and many others which depend from person to person.

So, when it comes to giving your men’s underwear wardrobe a makeover, men can be very sentimental (or just stubborn) and crib about the whole process. Deep down their hearts, they already know that mens sexy underwear needs to be changed every few months because of so many reasons but they just avoid the whole situation.

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This blog lays down the reasons for which men crib when it comes to changing their mens underwear.

Changing underwear for men takes a lot of energy

Starting from the most basic reason, you must know that men are active beings with a lot on their plate already. Starting their day with workouts, they have work, family, friends, their partners and other things to handle and we all know that men cannot multitask. Oops...did I say that out loud? When it comes channeling their energy, men have better things to do rather than just sit around and give their underwear for men drawer a makeover. Hence, they wouldn’t want to waste their energy.

It is a very time-consuming process

Like I already mentioned - men have a lot on their plate already and they wouldn’t give priority to this petty task. Well, it has been pretty long, but I once talked about my own wardrobe and how you can trim down the lengthy process of managing things there. Though giving a makeover to your mens underwear drawer is a time-consuming process, you can cut down the lengthy part by managing your cupboard well and knowing your choices.


Men are purely lazy when it comes to changing their men’s underwear drawer

Coming straight to the point, you must admit that men are lazy beings. It takes a lot more than just telling to do something when you want them to actually do something. And, changing their men’s underwear is probably the least of their priority. What do you think?


Men are in love with their existing mens sexy underwear styles

Last but certainly the aspect that is close to men’s hearts is when they love something, they wouldn’t let it go. Whether it is their favorite t-shirt or men’s sexy underwear, they would go on wearing it without thinking twice of the state the item is in. Hence, the cribbing aspect settles in when it comes to changing their mens underwear.

Why would you crib? Do let us know in the comments below.

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