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What Is In A Name?

For all of the spelling aficionados out there who have been wondering why Skiviez is spelled the way it is, there is a very simple explanation: why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Skiviez is a unique spelling for a unique and modern company. Skivvies? While technically it is spelled correctly, it is not memorable. Skivies? A small misspelling, but a big bore.

2xist Men's Underwear
Besides, there is a lot to be said for spelling things phonetically. 2xist, for example, doesn’t waste any time or energy with the spelling of their hip name, and the logo looks much better on waistbands than “to exist” would. Go ahead – sound it out. “Sss…kih…veez.” I don’t hear an “s” sound at the end of that word.

When all is said and done, however, it doesn’t matter how you spell greatness – skivies, skivvies, or skiviez – Skiviez is the only place you’re going to be able to find the great selection, customer service, and prices that you’ve come to expect.

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