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Underwear Review: Feel FEK025 Bi-Thong

Features that make Feel FEK025 Bi-Thong a must-have

This classic pair of men's thongs are comfortable and suitable for your everyday tasks. The style includes two different colored fabrics which make it an interesting pair. Further, creators have used one of the stitching techniques to make it look unique. Though it is a stitching technique, it adds grace to the pair. 

Creators have added a broad waistband that offers a good hold over your waist. Moreover, the waistband is stretchable enough. If you are a beginner, this pair of men's thongs are suitable for you. You can spot the brand's name on the waistband. The brand offers this sexy pair in three different sizes and colors. Pick yours today.


Feel FEK025 Bi-Thong

Why have these?

Having this pair of men's thongs is a pleasure. It's comfortable, support and fashionable, what else do you need from a pair of underwear. The lightweight feature of the style gives a very nice and soothing feeling to your skin. 

Why you shouldn't have this men's underwear?


About the brand

Feel was introduced in the year 2017. All the men's underwear styles launched by Feel define a man's underneath personality. 

Feel wants to provide masculinity, not just a bigger bulge to show off what you've got down there, but also for what lies beneath to be as comfortable and smooth as you'd like it to be. The wear line contains cuts and coverage that complement your taste buds and is suitable for both everyday and exceptional events.

Feel FEK025 Bi-Thong

Product fitting


Best occasions

  • Everyday activities
  • Workout

Fabric composition

84% polyamide - 16% spandex

Available sizes

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XLarge

Feel FEK025 Bi-Thong

Why would we recommend it?

Usually, underwear styles like male thongs are not advised for a workout. However, Feel FEK025 Bi-Thong is not like other pairs of men's underwear. You can surely wear this classic pair of thongs and do your favorite exercise. The fabric used in the creation of the style is another reason for suggesting this pair to a fitness freak. 

Designers have used polyamide and spandex to enhance the flexibility of the style. Spandex is used to increase the stretchability of your underwear. This pair of men's thong underwear is even appropriate for men who are searching for a style that can make them appear like a MACHO MAN.  Wearing this style, your package will stay protected and feel comfortable. 

Feel Bi-Thong underwear helps you flaunt your manhood in front of your partner and that too with confidence. 

The best part about this style is, it is an evergreen style so no matter when you decide to give this style a shot, you will still look fashionable. Speaking about the design of this pair, the front and back of this underwear have a stitching motif that distinguishes the colors. Moreover, this pair of men's thong underwear includes a waistband that is silky, smooth, elastic, and even flexible. The way it hugs the wearer's skin is just outstanding. 

This pair is even suitable for men who feel uncomfortable in styles like men's bikini underwear and g-string underwear and want to look stylish on the beach without compromising with the comfort factor. 



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