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The internet has lost its collective mind over funny underwear quotes

The internet has lost its collective mind over funny underwear quotesI am sure I am not alone who laughs around sometimes thinking how times have changed our men’s underwear. Well, there’s no doubt that with time, the styles, cuts, as well as other features have also evolved. Life is not only about briefs fact, it is about a lot more things than you would have ever thought.

Earlier this week, I was looking out for new pairs of fashion underwear online for Easter and just came across something really. As a result, I was too prompted to go ahead and find all the funny underwear quotes and sayings as well as jokes that people have shared on the internet about men’s unmentionables.

I was too intrigued and thought you guys too would like to share the laugh with me.

Hence, jump on the bandwagon with me and take a few minutes out for these awesomely hilarious images below.

Funny underwear quotes

Like seriously?? Did you ever think of a definition so crystal clear and hilarious? If you just can’t stop laughing, there’s more coming up my friends!!

Funny underwear quotes

Did you just go on check your underwear tag after you watched this? Well, I thought washing your junk and the trunk matters but this brought me into light.

Funny underwear quotesDoes your underwear also stays so unclean? Well, with this, you definitely have advantages of that too but you shouldn’t keep wearing dirty underwear. Should you?

Picture4Ughh!! This is gross! Meatloaf underwear?? Well, you can wear it, eat it and do what you feel like because it’s EDIBLE.. Yes, I too saw some crazy and weird or what you can bizarre underpants for men. Find them out here.

Picture5Hobbs looks quite upset because he wasn’t able to show off his new pair of low rise bikinis or boxer briefs. Do you get upset when you buy new stuff and nobody gives a damn about it?

Funny underwear quotesThis might not come across funny, but surely is relatable to most of you. I find it quite peaceful when I wear my male thongs with tight pants or briefs to work. If I switch, I know my life isn’t in place for so many reasons.

Funny underwear quotesWhat should you be afraid of? Mr. Bean trying to show off his junk or what’s trying to hide? Well, with his conventional tighty whitey briefs, all I want is that he keeps it hidden just right there.

Funny underwear quotesEven Eve sounds too upset with the pile of leafy underwear Adam has been collecting.

Funny underwear quotesNow we know why Superman wears his underwear on his pants! Poor superhero has always been criticized for doing so.

Funny underwear quotesSee!! This chap must have learned the hard way but with time, he’s changed with the trend. Now he is looks human at least with his underpants under his pants. Or, there’s a possibility that he switched to some lace underwear for comfort but doesn’t want others to know about it.

Funny underwear quotesWhy is Batman being a girl? Probably he planned to go commando and it backfired on him. Hehe..well, he should go commando because it has so many problems coming up with it.

Which one was your best? Do share with us any other jokes that you came across in the comments below.
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