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The Exotic Men’s Underwear of 2xist: Top Styles You Need to Own


2xist is known for its comfortable, convenient, and sexy underwear. Since 1991, 2xist has been providing a range of enhancing underwear in comfortable styles. The label has a focus on sexiness along with comfort, so you don’t have to sacrifice either. 

2xist Jockstraps

The 2xist jockstraps are perfect for those times that you need to hold everything carefully in place. This is perfect for those times that you are working out or engaging in sports. With the jockstraps carefully cradling your asset, you don’t have to worry about painful movements or your junk slipping out of your underwear. There are even various materials and styles to choose from, including those specifically designed to keep you dry while exercising. 

2xist Briefs

The 2xist briefs could not be any different than the boring “tighty whities” most people think of when they consider briefs. This brand’s briefs come in vibrant colors and have a cut that perfectly frames your manhood. They keep everything where it’s supposed to be and come in various materials, so you can choose from cotton or dri mesh. There are even styles from 2xist specifically designed not to show under tight pants or to enhance your package. 

2xist Boxer Shorts

For those times that you want gay men’s underwear that shows off your physique while leaving lots to the imagination, 2xist boxer shorts are here to help. Several styles stay hidden under your pants, keeping everything concealed. All of the styles have a flattering tight cut that enhances all of your best features, from your package to your buttocks. 

2xist Boxer Briefs

Consider a pair of 2xist boxer briefs for those times that you want to go on an adventure. With an extra few inches of coverage on your legs compared to boxer shorts, they offer similar benefits and comfortable styling. As a bonus, they are also great for lounging around in the comfort of your home. 

2xist Trunks

A pair of 2xist trunks is a great choice if you want a fair amount of coverage and highlight your manhood at the same time. 2xist’s styles will keep you tucked in place while ensuring everything looks its best. 

2xist Shorts

2xist shorts prove that even looser bottoms can look sexy. This type of gay men’s underwear leaves almost everything to the imagination, making your partner’s imagination run wild. 

2xist Tank Tops 

While most of the sexy underwear from 2xist is for your lower half, there are also loose-fit tanks designed to perfectly complement the underwear. These are versatile enough to wear outside when lounging around at home, working out, or even at night. 

2xist G-strings and Thongs

Keep a few pairs of G-strings and thongs from 2xist on hand for those times you want sexy men’s underwear that is sure to impress your date or partner. They are sure to help you steal the show and your date’s attention. 

2xist Bikinis

The bikinis from 2xist are perfect for those times you need enhancing underwear but don’t want to show too much skin. They let you leave something to the imagination while still showing off. 

2xist Pouch-Enhancing Underwear

This enhancing underwear is the go-to option when you want to show off what you’ve got and add plenty of confidence. The pouch is functional and lifts your manhood. This way, it stays in the right position and remains visible. 


No matter the style you prefer, 2xist offers it in a sexy and comfortable combination. You can just cover the essentials for function or aesthetics with a jockstrap or G-string, respectively. Or tuck everything into place with boxer briefs, trunks, or another style. 

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