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Stylize Below The Belt With Intymen Boxer Shorts

Stylize Below The Belt With Intymen Boxer Shorts

Lay your masculinity in the comfort and support of the Intymen Abstract Boxer Print. The respective men’s underwear styles by the reputed apparel brand Intymen is a functional and fashionable product that holds the manhood in place and covers conventionally. The brand’s popularity among the modern male population is for the enhancing underwear properties it offers in every pair. One such product is from the new arrival category and is known as the Intymen Abstract Boxer Print.

Intymen Abstract Boxer Print

Men's Boxer Shorts-

The respective men’s boxer shorts by the label features an outstandingly unique abstract print all over the sexy underwear. The monochromatic shades make the apparel style way too masculine whereas; the shimmery waistband with a vivacious color adds glamour to the entire fashionable appeal. The print on the boxer features a combination of grey and black.

Made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex, you very well know how it’s gonna make you feel down there the entire day. Coming down to the pouch, how would you want an Intymen pouch to be like? Enhanced? Protruded? Supported? Comfortable? Well, the answer is a yes to all the characteristics mentioned. The enhancing underwear features a bold stitch around the package gets the attention where it should be. Know more about intymen underwear click here.

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