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Skiviez Comes To The Rescue

Not only does Skiviez come to your aid with convenient shopping and shipping for your underwear needs, but we also save Hollywood movie producers.

C-IN2 Tank Top

C-IN2 Tank Top

C-IN2 was asked to provide square neck tanks for a movie being filmed in Canada, but they soon realized they were completely out of stock of this popular tank. They asked us here at Skiviez to help out in this last minute effort to ship our entire stock of these tank tops to the set of Death Race for actor Jason Statham.

Statham, the star of the action-packed thriller, sported the flattering C-IN2 Square Neck Tank throughout the film thanks to the hard work behind the scenes here at Skiviez.

While Death Race will not be in theatres until the end of the summer, we have plenty of C IN2 Square Neck Tanks in, so make sure you place your orders before we get another phone call wiping us out. The tank comes in two different colors: black and white and is 100% cotton.

C-IN2 Underwear

And since you’re already visiting Skiviez, why not get a few pairs of underwear, too? With even more shipping options, your purchase can be shipped however you may prefer.

C-IN2 Underwear

Whether you’re about to shoot a film or just need a comfortable undershirt – no matter what your underwear needs may be, Skiviez wants to help you out.

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