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Six things you need to know about Pride Month today

Since 1970, Pride Month has been observed by the LGBTQ community as a chance to commemorate what it means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Moreover, advocating liberty and fairness from cis and heteronormative limits. The Stonewall Rebellion was a pivotal moment in LGBTQ culture. Furthermore, when patrons of The Stonewall Inn, a homosexual bar in Manhattan that is now a historical landmark, retaliated against a police raid, are commemorated by Pride parades. Furthermore, the parade is generally conducted on the final weekend in June.

In this blog, we will take a look at the 6 things you should know about Pride Month today. Why? Because we are entering the month where we talk about LGBTQ+. Shall we go forth and check them out?

Chicago hosted the inaugural Gay Pride Parade

Most individuals are aware that Pride is a celebration of the Stonewall Riots. And that the original Pride marches, which were more radical and liberationist than today's gatherings and less joyful and corporatist, took place in 1970 to commemorate Stonewall's first anniversary. While the Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day March in New York City is popular as the first Pride Parade, it took place one day after the initial march in Chicago. Therefore, making Chicago the official birthplace of gay pride.

Pride Day


Brenda Howard, who is bisexual, is popular as the "Mother of Pride"

Even though the inaugural Pride march took place in Chicago, Brenda Howard, a longtime New Yorker, has the title of "Mother of Pride." The Christopher Street Liberation Day March was organized by Howard, a Bronx-born bisexual woman. Further, she is one of the twentieth century's prominent speakers on bisexual liberty and respect.

Howard's activism lasted decades and resulted in several arrests for peaceful protest, notably petitioning against the dismissal of a lesbian in Georgia in the 1990s and advocating for women's health and the rights of individuals living with HIV and AIDS in the 1980s. Howard died in the year 2003.

The Pride flags have fascinating backstories

The rainbow flag initially originated in the 1970s and has since become a universal emblem of the LGBTQ community. Harvey Milk, the first openly homosexual elected politician in the United States, commissioned artist/activist Gilbert Baker to create a sign for the LGBT community to replace the pink triangle, which Nazi Germany made gay men wear in concentration camps. In 1978, Baker designed the first pride flag, coloring the cloth himself.

Pride month 2022


Each color on the flag has a distinct meaning

Do you know the meaning of colors in the Pride flag? Want to know? Take a look below:

Red - life

Orange - healing

Yellow - sunlight

Green - nature

Blue - harmony

Violet - spirit

Because of the Stonewall Riots, June is a noteworthy month.

The Stonewall riots took place in June 1969, and June is the month that remembers them. The Stonewall Inn, a well-known homosexual club in Greenwich Village, was raided by the New York City police on June 28, 1969. This provoked a series of protests and violent conflicts in local bars and neighborhoods, catalyzing the global homosexual rights movement.

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