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Piss And Vinegar Underwear

Piss and Vinegar Underwear is a new brand of underwear from a new company founded by the guy who started Ginch Gonch Underwear. This edgy underwear is designed to be youthful and daring with designs such as “I love Jesus”. Have no mistake about it, this underwear is sure to cause a stir.Men's Underwear

All About Vinegar Underwear:

You may ask yourself why would Skiviez carry such a line of underwear that may offend some people. Well the answer is – just about any product on our web site could be seen as offensive by someone.  Is wearing “I love Jesus” underwear meant to make fun of Jesus? We think not, and we hope you can see this brand in the same light.

Just like youngsters wear Superman underwear, they aren’t wearing it to poke fun of Superman they are wearing to show they love Superman. This is the same for the “I Love Jesus” underwear.  People aren’t wearing them because they don’t like Jesus, they are wearing it to say they do love Jesus.

Besides, if you can’t express yourself and have fun with a great brief or trunk, then where can you have fun?

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