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New, New, New! Read All About It!

Christmas has arrived early here at Skiviez! We have all new brands from Steven and Pikante. If you’re a fan of Triple XXX or Unico, then you will appreciate the Steven designs. Similar in style and cut, Steven’s briefs and boxer briefs are modern and sexy.

Pikante Underwear


Pikante is for the brave underwear shopper. With styles that may shock and amaze you, and a tendency to fashion designs around mesh and other eye catching materials, you will never get bored with this spicy brand!

We have also made additions to some already popular brands. Ginch Gonch has a new line of Firetruck print low rise briefs, fly front briefs, and trunks to help everyone “live like a kid!” Unico has added to their collection with some medieval inspired color combinations and prints. DKNY’s new Linear Line features a combination of mix-and-match trunks, briefs, and tanks. Andrew Christian is continuing with their sporty theme with their Football Trunk, but the real innovative product is the Flashback Trunk. This hot trunk features Butt Lifting Technology, a completely invisible support structure to add 1/2” to 1” to your current buttock measurements.


If you’re more drawn to the classics in underwear design, you will be more interested in the high quality fashions available from Hanro. With the weather turning a bit cooler outside, you’re going to be wearing less flip flops and sandals and needing to update your sock drawer. Let Puma help you out with that with their great new color combinations.

Gregg Homme:

Last, but certainly not least, comes Gregg Homme. Similar to Pikante in its ability to catch an eye or two, this brand is not for the timid or unadventurous.

Skiviez’ Holiday Gift Store is now open! Featuring gift ideas for any budget, this is a great help for those of you trying to get your shopping done early.

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