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New Launch: Intymen INJ075 Happy Face Brief

The highlights of the Intymen INJ075 Happy Face Brief

The biggest highlight of this men's brief underwear is the Happy Face Print on it. The print is not clear on the front but is clearly visible at the back. Happy Face print on this pair makes your butt looks so cute.

The second prominent highlight in this style is the sheer fabric used in it. Sheer fabric offers a glimpse of your assets. Men opting for this style will experience a high amount of comfort and breathability. The lightweight sheer fabric used in it lets your manhood and skin breathe properly. From Small to Xlarge, you can find Intymen Happy Face Brief in all sizes. 

Intymen INJ075 Happy Face Brief

About the brand

  • Intymen men's underwear brand was established in the year 2009. Since 2009, it has been offering its fan the most comfortable underwear styles which are equally sporty and sexy. Furthermore, the men's underwear styles offered by Intymen enhance your comfort level as well as sex appeal. 
  • From Jockstrap to classic styles like men's brief underwear, one can shop everything. Further, the C-String Contraption has been used in the styles of men's comfortable underwear to offer love as well as protection to the package so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • Intymen, as a brand, is not like other men's underwear brands. Other men's underwear brands focus on the package, position as well as comfort. On the other hand, Intymen focuses on the overall upliftment. This is the reason why Intymen invests in butt-lifting options. 

Intymen INJ075 Happy Face Brief

About the men's underwear

Intymen's Happy Face Brief underwear for men is lightweight and soft. It's so gentle on the skin that you won't even feel as of anything is covering your manhood.

This pair of men's brief underwear comes with a skinny design that offers great exposure to your features. These men's low-rise briefs are great for your gym sessions as it offers stretchability and flexibility. Moreover, the Polyester- Spandex makes this style moisture-wicking and breathable. The pouch in this style gives great support to your manhood. 

What is so special about Polyamide-Spandex brief underwear?

Clothes or underwear styles for men made out of Nylon Spandex or Polyamide Spandex are comfortable, besides being tight. Furthermore, as a fabric, it's very light compared to your natural rubber which is easier to handle.

Intymen INJ075 Happy Face Brief

Nylon-Spandex is a comfortable fabric, lightweight and supple. It is resistant to body oils or perspirants. Moreover, it is abrasion-resistant, pile, and static-free fabric. Hence, wearing Polyamide-Spandex or Nylon-Spandex men's brief underwear or any other underwear style designed out of this fabric, make sure you wear it for exercising, even for walking.

How to take care of Intymen's Happy Face Brief underwear for men?

Because the fabric used in it is a delicate fabric, hence you need to be extremely careful while washing it. Always hand wash it, never tumble dry, and always go for air-drying technique.

Fabric Used

  • Polyester - spandex

Colors available

  • Print


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Xlarge



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