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Men's Underwear Styles Tailored to All Body Types

The world of men's underwear has evolved significantly over the years, offering a wide range of styles to cater to various tastes, preferences, and body shapes. From classic briefs to daring thongs, there's a perfect fit for every man. In this article, we will explore the diverse styles of men's underwear, including men's thongs, men's bikinis, men's briefs, men's jockstraps, and men's g-strings.

We will also delve into the importance of sustainability in the underwear industry and how it's possible to make eco-conscious choices when selecting your undergarments.

Understanding Men's Underwear Styles

Men's underwear has come a long way from the basic white briefs that once dominated the market.

Good Devil GDL037 Sensuous Mesh G-string

Today, there is a vast array of styles available, each designed to provide comfort and style while catering to different body shapes and personal preferences. Let's take a closer look at some popular men's underwear styles.

Thongs: Daring and Minimalistic

Thongs are known for their daring and minimalistic design. They feature a narrow strip of fabric in the back, leaving the buttocks exposed.

Agacio AGK034 Sporty V-Shaped Thong

Thongs are an excellent choice for men who want to avoid visible underwear lines, making them a favorite for fitted pants and activewear.

Bikinis: Sporty and Comfortable

Bikini underwear for men is a sporty and comfortable option. These briefs have a low-rise waistline and a snug fit, making them suitable for active lifestyles.

Cover Male CMI068 Dual Color Mesh Bikini

Bikinis offer more coverage than thongs but are still relatively low-cut, ensuring they stay hidden under low-rise pants.

Briefs: Classic and Supportive 

Briefs are a timeless classic in the world of men's underwear. They feature a Y-shaped front and full rear coverage, providing excellent support and comfort.

Pistol Pete PPJ035 Open Cut Pouch Brief

Briefs are ideal for men who prefer a traditional and functional style.

Jockstraps: Athletic Support 

Jockstraps are designed with sports and physical activity in mind. They consist of a supportive front pouch and elastic waistbands, leaving the buttocks exposed.

Secret Male SME004 Multi Strings Support Jockstrap

Jockstraps offer optimal support and ventilation, making them a go-to choice for athletes.

G-Strings: Minimal Coverage, Maximum Comfort 

G-strings offer minimal coverage and maximum comfort. They feature a small front pouch and a thin string that passes between the buttocks.

Secret Male SML026 ed T-Back G-String

G-strings are perfect for men who want the ultimate freedom and minimalistic feel.

Sustainability in Men's Underwear

In recent years, sustainability has become a critical factor in the fashion industry, including men's underwear. With a growing awareness of environmental issues, consumers are seeking eco-friendly options in their clothing choices. Here's how you can make sustainable choices when it comes to men's underwear.

Choose Eco-Friendly Fabrics

When shopping for underwear, look for brands that use eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, Tencel, or bamboo.

Daniel Alexander DAI088 Visible Side Band Brief

These materials are not only soft and comfortable but also produced with minimal environmental impact.

Opt for Ethical Manufacturing

Support brands that prioritize ethical manufacturing practices.


Look for certifications like Fair Trade or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which ensure that the production process meets high ethical and environmental standards.

Invest in Quality 

Quality underwear lasts longer and reduces the need for frequent replacements, ultimately decreasing your environmental footprint.

Hung HGE023 Athletic Supportive Jockstrap

While high-quality underwear may come at a slightly higher price, it pays off in the long run.

Reduce Packaging Waste 

Pay attention to the packaging of the underwear you purchase. Brands that use minimal and recyclable packaging contribute to reducing waste. Consider supporting companies that take steps to minimize their environmental impact.

Mindful Consumption

Avoid overconsumption by purchasing only what you need.

Good Devil GDK068 Open Crotch Thong

Building a collection of underwear that suits your style and needs can reduce waste and the carbon footprint associated with clothing production. 

The Perfect Fit for Every Body Shape

Regardless of your body shape or size, there is underwear designed to provide the perfect fit and ensure you feel comfortable and confident. Here are five body types and the ideal underwear styles for each:

Athletic Build

For those with an athletic build, briefs and jockstraps offer excellent support and showcase your physique.

Slim Build

Slimmer individuals may prefer bikini or G-string styles, which offer minimal coverage and a sleek, comfortable fit.

Muscular Build

If you have a muscular build, briefs or boxer briefs provide the support and coverage you need while highlighting your toned physique.

Edipous EDJ021 Brand Imprint Waistband Brief

Larger Build

Men with a larger build can benefit from boxer briefs, which offer a comfortable fit and adequate support.

Average Build

For those with an average build, there are no limitations when it comes to underwear styles. You have the flexibility to choose any style that suits your personal preference.


In today's world, men's underwear styles are as diverse as the individuals who wear them. Whether you prefer the daring minimalism of a thong, the sporty comfort of bikinis, the classic support of briefs, the athletic functionality of jockstraps, or the ultimate freedom of G-strings, there's a perfect fit for every body shape and style. Moreover, by making sustainable choices in your underwear selection, you can contribute to a greener and more environmentally conscious fashion industry. So, embrace your unique style, prioritize comfort, and make eco-conscious decisions as you explore the world of men's underwear.


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