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Men’s Underwear of Agacio: Top Styles You Need to Own

Agacio Underwear

Agacio always strives to live up to its name, which means “good” in Greek. Given that the brand is popular for its ability to make sexy men’s underwear that is also incredibly comfortable, they certainly achieve it. 

Agacio Bikinis

Like most of the other styles from Agacio, many of the brand’s bikinis feature sack lifting technology that delivers enhancing underwear. These bikinis are perfect for when you want sexy underwear that still leaves plenty to the imagination. You get the ideal balance of coverage and support with skin. 

Agacio G-strings

For those times you want to show a lot of skin and feel incredibly sexy, Agacio G-strings are the perfect choice. The fabric only covers the essentials, giving you the chance to show off. Best of all, the lack of material means that you can wear tight pants without worrying about lines. 

Agacio Thongs

If you love the style of G-strings but want just a bit more coverage on your rear end, consider the thongs from Agacio, which only cover a bit more than the G-strings. You get your choice of various sexy styles, with over 20 varieties of this gay men’s underwear. 

Agacio Jockstraps

Jockstraps from Agacio are the way to go for those times that you want to show a lot of skin but don’t want to sacrifice support. Not only are they sexy underwear, but they’re also practical. They’ll keep everything in place as you engage in your favorite sports, whether on a team, working out by yourself, or working out with that special someone. Of course, you can also opt for this sexy style in the bedroom.

Agacio Briefs

Those who are lucky enough to put on a pair of Agacio briefs will appreciate the perfect pouch, with its comfortable design and high-quality materials. The pouch keeps everything in place, making briefs perfect for casual wear. While the briefs technically have material covering your entire groin region and buttocks, they don’t have any extra. There are also options with mesh or other more breathable or see-through materials. 

Agacio Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are the popular choice for gay men’s underwear if you want full coverage but still want to feel sexy. The tight fit shows off your assets as well as your physique. These are perfect for casual wear, yet they are still attractive enough to wear to a hot date. 

Agacio Boxer Briefs

If you love the style of the Agacio boxer shorts but want a bit more definition from your enhancing underwear, the boxer briefs are the way to go. These have a well-defined pouch that ensures your packages always looks its best. They are also tight enough to show off your assets while still maintaining the comfort you need to wear them all day. 

Agacio Swimwear 

Love the comfort and flattering cuts of Agacio’s sexy men’s underwear for your daily life? You’ll be happy to know that the brand also has some swimwear. Currently, the swimwear includes a sexy brief, complete with a well-designed pouch that puts your assets front and center. As with the rest of the Agacio lineup, however, there’s always the chance that more options will soon be added. 


With so many styles to choose from, Agacio has plenty of underwear options to make you feel sexy and let you show off to your partner. Show extra skin on date nights with a jockstrap, G-string, or bikini. Or get full coverage in a way that highlights your assets with boxers and boxer shorts. You can even show off your sexier side while at the beach or pool with the swimwear from Agacio.

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