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I tried these 5 men's underwear styles and was surprised

Something that spice up your mood in our mens underwear style collection. Must check out this blog for 5 mens underwear styles that definitely surprised you.

Trust me, this is the first time I tried something so sexy. I have always been that boxer briefs and briefs person, never even thought of giving any of these mens underwear styles a chance. Not because I was afraid off, but found useless gives these styles a chance as I found my right ones and felt like sticking to them.

This time I thought of maybe I should upgrade my fashion sense and at least give these styles a chance after all there is no harm in trying something new. In other words, I have nothing to lose. Hence, I bought one pair of each category and yes, I was surprised. To know more, I would like you guys to stick with me till the end and I am sure, I will be able to convince you guys as well.

Men's erotic underwear

Mens erotic underwear is the category that includes styles like mens g-string, mens thongs, and contoured pouch boxers. Furthermore, each pair of mens erotic underwear comes with its sex appeal which positively enhances your personality. 

Good Devil GDL028 Web G-String

As I was trying something like this for the first time, I opt for thongs because I read it somewhere that beginners must start with thongs rather than starting with men's g-string underwear. I wore this style for workouts and used to perform my day-to-day activities wearing it. I felt a positive change. 

I experienced great comfort, the right support, and the feeling of nothingness down there. The amount of breathability I experienced in this pair was way different from the one experienced in briefs and boxer briefs. Hence, I kept these styles for special occasions. 

Men's sheer underwear

Sheer underwear was my second style which I thought of adding to my closet this year. At first, I was shy due to the amount of exposure it offers down there. Being a brief person, I always cared about the hygiene part rather than shaving that area down there, but, with mens sheer underwear, I have to take care of everything. 

Good Devil GDI020 Mesh Lux Bikini Brief

Once I started wearing this pair of men's underwear, I realized why most of the men are still hooked on this tiny and delicate pair of lingerie. Speaking about the benefits I experience- it's lightweight, sheer, comfortable, and sexy. Moreover, it offers great comfort and support as it does include a pouch. Looking at the silhouette and kind of experience it offers, it's always great to pair it with outfits you gonna wear to the main event. Prefer wearing this sexy male lingerie at the time of sexual intercourse and roleplay. You can even wear it to private pool parties.

Men's lace underwear

The lace itself is a sexy fabric and looks great on the skin. Moreover, the men's underwear styles with lace look beautiful. Men's lace underwear is delicate due to which you need to wash it gently with a gentle washing soap. Another important thing to remember is not to dry it where the sunlight is direct. 

Secret Male SMA018 Lacey Crop Top

My experience with lace was quite difficult because, to be honest, lace is not an easy fabric to handle. Lace underwear for men requires immense practice to look confident just the way you look in briefs and boxer briefs. If you get successful in building that confidence, then no other style is better than lace. You will find it comfortable, lightweight, and easy to carry style.

It would be great if you keep it limited to special occasions because wearing it on regular days can ruin the quality of the fabric. 

Men's jockstrap

The jockstrap is my favorite style among all the above-mentioned styles. For me, men's jockstrap is easy to handle, makes me feel confident, keeps my manhood much secure, and gives my butts a plump and bouncy look. I usually like to wear it with my workout outfits especially with my track pants.

Secret Male SME001 Mirror Jockstrap

The two elastic straps are something which I liked the most as it keeps my butt and other features in the right place.

Men's bikini underwear

If I have to compare the coverage of men's bikinis and men's thongs and jockstraps, well the clear winner would be bikini underwear. This is another incredible men's underwear style and I love to wear it on an everyday basis. 

Kyle KLI032 Colores Bikini

Since I switched to these styles, I have stopped wearing briefs and mens boxer briefs. I do wear boxers, but only when I want to have that cozy feeling. 

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