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How To Wear C-IN2 Sling Support Underwear

If you had told me several years ago that I would one day be writing an article about how to properly wear C-IN2 sling support underwear, then I would have...

If you had told me several years ago that I would one day be writing an article about how to properly wear C-IN2 sling support underwear, then I would have immediately asked you three questions:

Are you out of your mind?
Why would I ever do such a thing?
What in blue tarnations is “sling support underwear” and why and how would I wear it?

While the answer to the first two questions still eludes me, I’ll be answering one of Skiviez’s most top-asked questions today: how to actually put on and wear C-IN2′s sling support underwear. Don’t be embarrassed by the fact that the usually quite simple act of wearing underwear has now defeated you–quite a few of our customers are positively mystified by the intimidating strap.

But first, let’s talk a bit about the sling support line in general and what it’s meant to do.

Wherefore “Sling Support”?

sling support Underwear

The esoteric diagram to your right is the same diagram that is printed within every box of the C-IN2 sling support line. The idea is that the adjustable strap will pull your package up and out, giving you that Wonderbra-like “Huzzah!” needed to make your naughty bits comfortably noticeable without being absurd nor obscene.

You just wrap the strap around your scrotum and the base of your penis and adjust the strap, much like one would adjust a belt buckle. Tightening the strap pulls your entire sexual array to higher elevations, much like how Popeye hoists the piano via a rope and pulley in the old cartoons.

But, considering how attached you probably are to these parts of your body and your general unwillingness to experiment, and given that the strap apparatus is deceptively complex, that strap adjustment is easier said than done. You might be tempted to just snip out the strap, shove a banana down your pants, and call it a day. But perhaps a how-to guide will help.

How to Wear C-IN2 Sling Support Underwear

C-IN2 Sling Underwear


I’m in the boat with you–prior to this morning, I had never actually tried wearing any of C-IN2′s sling support line.

One of the first things that will strike you when you inspect the underwear is that the strap isn’t adjustable in the sense of adjusting a lap belt in your car; that is, the adjuster doesn’t slide back and forth. Instead, the strap loops around and is secured by a plastic button. The strap has several slits that you can choose from.

1. First, put on the underwear like you normally would. I’m assuming that you can handle this: put your legs through the leg holes and pull up.

C-IN2 Sling Underwear


2. The underwear comes with the button already secured to the strap in a middle-of-the-road position. Grab the strap and stretch it so that you can shove your bits through the loop created by the button.

3. “That tingling feeling means it’s working.” No, wait, this isn’t Icy Hot–that tingling feeling means that it’s too tight, and you’ve created a cock ring instead of sling support. If you’re into that, that’s fine, but let’s try loosening it up a smidge.

4. To loosen the strap, remove the plastic button by stretching the strap’s slits around the edge of the button. (The fabric might “crunch” as you do this, but don’t worry; it’s pretty hard to tear.) To move up or down a size, cross the corresponding slits on each side of the strap and then re-insert the button. For example, to use the smallest size, then you’d make sure that the sixth slit on the left side crosses the sixth slit on the right side and then you’d insert the button. Check the “default position” diagram above. Which slit you choose is entirely up to your comfort level and preferences.

C-IN2 Sling Underwear

If you ever get tangled and confused about how the strap should lay, place the underwear front-side down on a table. The strap should look like an inverted “Support Our Troops” ribbon; finished side up, crossed in the middle, folded underneath at the bottom.

And there you have it. I hope that I’ve managed to answer your questions about how to properly wear the sling support underwear. Why not give a pair a try today? In the best case, you’ll enhance your appearance. And in the worst, it’ll build character, and you can always snip out the strap with scissors and enjoy the larger-than-normal pouch size.  You can also check out 2xist Fusion underwear at Skiviez . Good luck!

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