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Get To Know The Basic Parameters To Follow While Selecting Men’s Underwear For Running

The wrong choice can lead to discomfort, chafing, and even hinder your performance. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various styles of men's underwear suitable for running and other physical activities. We'll also discuss important factors to consider when selecting the perfect pair of underwear to ensure maximum comfort and performance.

Best Men’s Underwear for Your Active Lifestyle 

Briefs: Classic Support and Mobility

Men's briefs are a traditional and popular men’s underwear style that offers excellent support during physical activities. With a snug fit and a contoured pouch, briefs provide optimal support for the male anatomy, minimizing bouncing and ensuring comfort.

Pistol Pete PPJ035 Open Cut Pouch Brief

Their shorter leg length allows for a greater range of motion, making them suitable for intense workouts and running. Look for briefs made from moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your exercise routine. 

Boxer Briefs: The Best of Both Worlds

Men's boxer briefs combine the support of briefs with the coverage of boxers, making them a versatile choice for active men.

The longer leg length of boxer briefs prevents chafing and offers additional support for the thigh area. This style is particularly beneficial for runners and those engaging in activities that involve a lot of leg movement.

Daniel Alexander DA516 Union Boxer Trunk

Opt for boxer briefs with a moisture-wicking fabric blend to keep you cool and dry, even during intense workouts. 

Trunks: Streamlined Comfort

Trunks are a modern and fashionable men’s underwear style that strikes a balance between briefs and boxer briefs. They offer a snug fit like briefs but have a shorter leg length like boxer briefs, providing optimal comfort and freedom of movement.

Daddy DDG020 Hold Me Tight Boxer Trunk

Men's trunks are an excellent choice for running and workouts, as they stay in place and reduce the risk of chafing. Look for trunks made from breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking properties for enhanced comfort during your physical activities. 

Compression Shorts: Support and Muscle Recovery

Compression shorts are a popular choice among athletes for their supportive and muscle-stabilizing properties. These form-fitting shorts provide targeted compression, which can help reduce muscle fatigue and improve blood circulation during workouts and runs.

Edipous EDG033 Breathable Fishnet Boxer Trunk

Compression shorts also offer excellent moisture-wicking capabilities, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your exercise routine. Consider compression shorts for high-intensity activities and long-distance running, where muscle support and recovery are paramount. 

Jockstraps: Optimal Support and Breathability

Men's jockstraps are specifically designed to provide maximum support and breathability during sports and high-impact activities. They feature a supportive waistband and straps that hold the genitals in place, minimizing movement and reducing the risk of discomfort.

Cover Male CME031 Centerseam Open Back Jockstrap

Jockstraps are a popular choice among athletes, particularly for activities that involve sudden movements, such as sprinting and contact sports. Look for jockstraps made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics for added comfort and hygiene.

Choosing the Right Men’s Underwear for Your Needs

When selecting men's underwear for running, workouts, and exercises, it's essential to consider your personal preferences, comfort, and the specific demands of your chosen activity.  

Anti-Chafing Underwear

Protecting Your Delicate Areas Chafing is a common issue that many men experience during intense physical activities. To prevent this discomfort, it's essential to opt for underwear with anti-chafing properties.

Secret Male SME005 Criss-Cross Back Jockstrap

Look for designs that feature smooth, seamless construction and moisture-wicking fabrics to minimize friction and irritation. Additionally, consider styles with a longer inseam or built-in compression to provide additional support and prevent rubbing between the thighs. 

Anti-Wedgie Underwear

Staying Comfortable and Focused Nothing disrupts your focus during a workout like constant wedgies. To avoid this nuisance, choose men’s underwear with anti-wedgie features.

Intymen INE033 Sporty Backless Jockstrap

Look for designs with a snug fit and a contoured pouch to keep everything in place. Elastic bands that are wide and soft also help to prevent riding up, ensuring that you can concentrate on your exercise without constant adjustments. 

Breathable and Moisture-Wicking Underwear

Staying Cool and Dry During high-intensity activities, moisture build-up can cause discomfort and even skin irritation. Opt for men’s underwear made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you cool and dry.

Agacio AGK033 V-Shaped Pouch Thong

Materials such as bamboo viscose, nylon, and polyester blends are excellent choices as they allow airflow and efficiently draw sweat away from the body. These fabrics help regulate body temperature, reducing the risk of discomfort caused by excessive sweating.

Men’s Underwear Made of the Right Natural Fabrics

Allowing Your Skin to Breathe If you prefer natural fabrics, seek out underwear made from cotton or modal. These materials are known for their softness and breathability, allowing your skin to breathe and reducing the risk of irritation.

Edipous EDJ020 Piping Color Slash Brief

Keep in mind that pure cotton may absorb moisture and take longer to dry compared to synthetic blends. Consider a blend of natural and synthetic fibers to enjoy the benefits of both worlds.


Choosing Underwear That Lasts Investing in durable men’s underwear is crucial for those engaging in regular physical activities. Look for well-constructed designs with reinforced stitching and quality materials. Double-layered pouches and strong elastic waistbands are also signs of long-lasting underwear. Choosing high-quality options might be slightly more expensive initially, but in the long run, it will save you money and ensure that your underwear stands up to the rigors of your workouts. 

If You Want the Perfect In-Between

The Ideal Balance If you're looking for underwear that offers a perfect balance of comfort, support, and functionality, consider styles that combine features from various categories. Some brands specialize in creating underwear specifically designed for athletes, with features like moisture-wicking fabrics, anti-chafing properties, and ergonomic construction.

Intymen ING083 Brand Imprint Waistband Boxer Trunk

These options provide optimal performance and all-day comfort, making them suitable for both athletic endeavors and everyday wear.


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