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Get the review of Daniel Alexander DAI072 Bikini

In this post, you will know about the underwear review of Daniel Alexander DAI072 Bikini and know all the complete details about the size, color and fabric composition of the...

Features that make Daniel Alexander DAI072 Bikini a must-have:

Daniel Alexander's Bikini underwear has been designed out of sheer fabric. This sheer fabric is attached in a very interesting manner which makes your ordinary underwear, not so boring.

Once you slip into this sexy male lingerie, you will be able to flaunt your attractiveness as well as masculinity. On the other hand, you will remain stylish without compromising your comfort level once you wore this pair. 

Daniel Alexander DAI072 Bikini

This sexy pair of men's bikinis are available in different colors- Black, Red, and Turquoise. Moreover, you can shop for this pair in different sizes.

Why have these?

Daniel Alexander is the biggest reason for having this pair. The sheer fabric at the back showcases your plump-looking butt. This sheer fabric has been attached in the style in a very creative manner. 

Besides that, the solid fabric in the front provides a good amount of coverage to your package. Moreover, it will hold your jewels rightly. 

This pair of men's bikini underwear is comfortable, breathable, and is ready to make you "WHO IS THAT HOT GUY?" on the beach.

Why you shouldn't have this men's underwear?



Daniel Alexander DAI072 Bikini

About the brand

Functional and fashionable- these two terms define Daniel Alexander's underwear collection very well. The brand has been in the industry since 2015. Daniel Alexander offers styles that are distinct and fresh. Further, every style of Daniel Alexander has been welcomed and liked by the male population. The styles of men's underwear are designed in a manner that your male anatomy remains safe and sound regardless of the situation. 

Daniel Alexander offers a wide range of men's underwear styles such as boxer shorts or boxer briefs for men. You can even shop styles like men's bikinis, thongs for men, and even men's g-string underwear. Each style has been created with love and passion by the brand.

Product fitting


Best occasions

Beach party

Everyday activities

Fabric composition

Polyester - Spandex

Available sizes





 Daniel Alexander DAI072 Bikini

Why would we recommend it?

One of the biggest reasons to recommend this pair is the combination of sheer and solid fabric. This deadly fabric combination makes this men's bikini underwear makes this pair sexy. 

Daniel Alexander DAI072 Bikini underwear comes with a thin elastic waistband. You will spot the brand's logo imprinted on the waistbelt. Besides that, this pair of male lingerie is flexible enough to let you do your favorite exercise. Moreover, this men's bikini underwear supports your private parts by offering them a good amount of bulge. 

Daniel Alexander DAI072 Bikini

The wearer will achieve full coverage on the front. Furthermore, this bikini underwear for men permits you to have the comfort as well as the confidence to wear it all day long.

How to take care of the style?

To take care of this pair you need to follow certain instructions. For machine wash, always opt for a cold wash as hot water can destroy the quality of the fabric used. Further, techniques like bleach and tumble dry are not recommended. Instead, hang dry the pair. 



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