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Get ready to make your holiday season special with Skiviez male lingerie.

Festive season on it peak, are you ready for the upcoming discounts and deals on mens lingerie's brands. This year grab you favorite mens underwear at minimum price with Skiviez...

"Menu, decorations, costumes all set".

"Wait, am I forgetting something"?

"Underwear!", "I have to shop for new pair of men's underwear before Halloween and Christmas and Thanksgiving and..... damn, too many festivals!

Months like October, November, and December peeked time of festivals hence you have to be prepared with everything, last time preparations are not a great idea as you might forget something or the other.

There is one more important thing that you need to keep in mind is the budget. Instead of being an artist, its time to be street smart so that you can enjoy your festivals rather than worrying about your financial problems.

Well, we have no idea about saving money on the rest of the categories but can help you out in purchasing the best lingerie at an affordable price.

When it's about saving those extra dollars on your underwear we will never suggest you visit a local store because they might not have variety in the lingerie section, especially in men's lingerie section hence we recommend you go for online shopping from Yes, you heard it right! and for that, we have several reasons.

Skiviez is one of the known faces in the men's lingerie industry. They have been providing quality men's underwear, men's swimwear and significantly more to the style cognizant male populace since 2000 and have conveyed countless orders to more joyful clients. One can find brands such as Calvin Klein, 2xist, Cover Male, Daniel Alexander, Miami Jock, Edipous, Honcho, Daddy underwear, Pistol Pete and many more on their official website.

And this time, to make your festivals more colorful and special, they have come up with sitewide discounts up to 75% off on styles of underwear for men so whether you wish to add 10 pairs of men's jockstrap or one pair from each category, you can.

Styles according to festivals.

There is no such rule of wearing a specific pair of men's underwear at a certain festival but sometimes men don't understand the importance of wearing the right pair of lingerie. For the sake of staying comfortable, they ignore the value of exoticness and fashion and end up wearing some boring pair of underwear like their traditional boxers and this time we won't let you repeat the same mistake.


1.Coloumbus Day - 12 October 2020

Columbus day is all about creating the achievements of the great explorer Christopher Columbus. On this occasion, different events are organized in a different part of the country such as street fairs, parades. Well, capturing every moment of this day is worth it.

Columbus day sale

Wearing styles such as men's jockstraps, men's briefs, boxer briefs, and thongs could be a great idea because all these underwear styles keep your comfortable, offer great leg movement, support your male genitals and keep them dry all day long due to moisture-wicking fabrics used in them. They embrace your front as well as the back profile.

2.Halloween- 31st October 2020

Halloween is an occasion commended every year on October 31. The tradition began with the antiquated Celtic celebration of Samhain when individuals would bonfires and wear ensembles to avoid ward off ghosts. Interesting!


Styles that you can consider wearing are men's thong, G-string, and any style from the see-through range such as men's sheer underwear or mesh underwear for getting lucky on that night.

3.Veteran day- 11 November 2020

Veterans Day is a government occasion and a state occasion in all states aside from Wisconsin. The occasion praises all veterans of the United States military. A conventional perception is a snapshot of quiet at 11 AM recalling the individuals who battled for harmony. The government occasion is seen on November 11th or the non-weekend day nearest to November 11th, if November 11th falls on an end of the week.

Veterans day

Styles that you can consider wearing on this auspicious day are men's jockstrap, men's boxer briefs, and briefs in camouflage print. If you feel cozy in thong underwear for men, go ahead.

4.Thanksgiving - 26 Nov 2020

Thanksgiving Day is a United States public occasion praised yearly on the fourth Thursday of November. It incorporates strict and common perspectives, being both a gather celebration and a celebration of family. The starting points of Thanksgiving Day are accepted to lie in a first gather festivity held in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is the day with the most food consumption of the year so to make sure you remain comfortable and supportive during those family dinners pair your outfit either with Male Jocks or with men's boxer briefs. You may also think about wearing briefs.

5.Black Friday - 27 Nov 2020

Many people know Black Friday as the day in the wake of Thanksgiving when stores open early and offer different deals and these stores are frequently " operating at a profit dark" that day yet the fact of the matter is the term Black Friday was first utilized on Sept. 24, 1869, when two speculators, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, drove up the cost of gold and caused an accident that day.

Hence you won't be getting time to change your pair of underwear the next day so we recommend you to place your resources in styles such as men's jockstraps and boxer briefs because they offer a great amount of leg movement that help you in running and enter inside the store from any corner.

6.Cyber Monday - 30 Nov 2020

The online Christmas sales extravaganza consistently falls four days after the American Thanksgiving occasion. It was made to urge shoppers to shop on the web. Also, with numerous retailers currently offering free delivery as a motivator to shop on Cyber Monday, it makes shopping on the web considerably more appealing.

Nothing could be better than the start shopping in thongs and jockstrap underwear for men because they are designed in a way that you won't even feel as if anything is surrounding your male genitals.

7.Christmas - 25 Dec 2020

And finally its Christmas. Christmas doesn't need any kind of introduction. Underwear styles that you need to wear on Christmas shouldn't be boring like your schedule. Opt for underwear like men's G-string, sheer or mesh underwear, men's bikini, and jockstraps. Opt for jockstraps that have been designed in sensual fabrics rather than normal fabrics after all Skiviez is offering 75% discounts on upcoming holidays.


Skiviez is all set to pamper your male genitals and is waiting for you to come and knock at their doors. Are you ready for it?

 Check out the more product reviews and new launches of Skiviez store at

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