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Fabrics to Fall in Love with this Summer

Summer has its upsides! You can get away with wearing tees, shorts and a pair of loafers on most of the days to beat the scorching heat. All you need is the most comfortable fabrics that can keep you feeling airy and sexy on those days. Oh yes, the major downside of the bright sunny days is the rising temperature and sweaty feeling.

Well, if that’s the state of your body, have you ever imagined how would your manhood feel covered under those multiple layers. That’s where the selection of your underwear fabrics will actually work in order to get the comfort factor deep down.

Scroll down to the various fabrics to fall in love this summer.


Cotton undoubtedly is the best fabric when it is about your fashion underwear or even the outfits. With the various advantages for which the apparel industry took hold of the material, men opt for the same because their forefathers passed the same to them. It has many advantages, including a comforting appeal, soft texture, moisture absorbent and without a doubt inexpensive price. Available in such wide variety all the world, makes it inexpensive and popularly adopted by men. You can find cotton underwear styles here.


The natural fiber linen that comes across as a soft-to-touch and is quite different from cotton in looks and feels. Though the fabric is commonly used in men’s shirts and pants, but the exceptional quality to breathe well as well as the strength of the thread count. Hence, it strong fabric has a longer shelf life than cotton.

P.S. Cotton doesn’t last very long, yet is the best fabric.


Another natural fiber which is furthermore treated to make it apt for the various styles like conventional briefs to the skimpy sensuous thongs. What sets apart modal from the others is that it does not fade, wrinkle or even lose its shape after several washes. Hence, when men find cotton too short lived, they opt for modal. Traveling with modal is a perfect decision because it is lightweight and dries off sooner to keep you on your toes. You can plan your trip with some key pieces this summer and modal can be on your list.


This had to be there on the list because, after cotton, men undoubtedly depend on nylon. For the soft and comfortable appeal of the fabric, it also wicks away moisture well. For guys who believe in washing everything in the machine, lace underwear for men or even boxers are a smart investment because the material doesn’t lose its shape even after going through the harsh process.

These are the key summer fabrics that can be your best friends for a comfortable, sexy and appealing personality. What’s your favorite?

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