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Does Your Men's Underwear Really Matter?

This question, at first, might seem like a trivial and awkward question because it is not much talked about. However, when you go into contemplating it, it seems to be a very interesting and meaningful question to ask. In a contemporary world, fashion has emerged as a way of life, an attitude, and the feeling through which people express themselves.

Fashion provides confidence, elegance, and beauty to an individual and signifies their origin, culture, and beliefs. Fashion nowadays is much more about flaunting and showcasing luxury, status, and wealth. Hence, fashion has become a pleasure rather than an obligation.

If we go back to the question mentioned above, my answer would be yes, men’s underwear matters a lot because the area underneath is quite sensitive to other areas of the body and it supports the manhood in the best possible way. Have you ever thought about why we even wear underwear for men?

I guess only a few have thought about it, so let’s find out why we wear underwear.


Why Do We Even Wear Men’s Underwear?

1. To provide support

To keep everything in its place down there so that we can feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed.

2. To get protected from germs

If we do not wear underwear, we are more prone to fungal or bacterial infections, which might get into us through direct contact with dirty pants and jeans. Jeans also cause friction, which can damage our private parts.


Pistol Pete PPJ028 PP Extreme Boxer

3. Sensitive skin underneath

The area down there is quite more sensitive than other parts of the body, such as the arms, which makes it susceptible to itching, chafing, and irritation.

4. Private area sweats profusely

The private area sweats an enormous amount, which causes itching, irritation, and bacteria or yeast infections because a moist environment is the breeding ground for these infections.

5. To Prevent occasional unintentional discharge

Unintentional discharge may happen at any time, which can be protected by wearing underwear, and underwear is quite easy to wash as compared to pants and jeans.

6. Keep a barrier between your pants and private parts

Underwear keeps the barrier between pants and private parts so that any friction cannot take place, otherwise, it damages your genitals.

7. Nerve impingement

The nerves get irritated and inflamed from constant pressure by tightly fitted jeans and pants and create numbness and irritation underneath.

Let’s talk about some interesting facts and figure


Underwear Was Invented Years Ago And Some Facts And Figures Are As Follows:

  • 1925- Boxer shorts were invented
  • 1935-Brief came into existence
  • 1980- Thongs came into existence
  • 1992-Boxer briefs were invented.

According to the summer 2018 survey, 69%-men’s boxer briefs, men who own boxers. Moreover, 24%-men’s brief underwear. Well, the times have certainly changed.

Now, men prefer to go for mens sexy underwear styles like male thongs, men's g string underwear, jockstraps for men, and more. In fact, now, mens lingerie is also a popular choice among others.

Daniel Alexander DAI078 Zimbabwe Bikini

Which type of underwear do you own? I hope you find their figures interesting and you might have some idea of what type of men’s underwear most people wear.

On average, a person owns 15 pairs of mens underwear. How many do you own?

So far, we have talked about underwear in practical terms not let’s talk about in medical terms.


Can Mens Underwear Styles Influence Sperm Production?

According to a recent report, the researcher found that men who wore primarily boxer shorts averaged a 25% higher sperm concentration and a 17% higher total sperm count than those who wore other types of underwear. They also had 33% more motile sperm. However, if you keep changing your pairs regularly and understand the different styles for different occasions, you will not face such issues.


Men’s underwear plays a very important role in men’s fashion and lifestyle. Style, fitting, fabric, comfort, and color attract men to buy underwear that suits their body type. Men are prudent while buying underwear as men’s underwear choices can affect their sperm count and quality. Some of the useful tips are as listed below


1. Fabric

The material used to manufacture the underwear must be considered. Cotton is recommended as it is breathable and can pass air inside and outside. Synthetic materials like polyester are not as breathable as cotton fiber.

2. Fitting

It is advised not to wear tightly fitted underwear because it highlights your bulges and creates puckering. It can also hurt your blood circulation.

3. Comfort

Boxer shorts are comfortable, roomy, loose, and comfy for sleeping. It has sufficient leg coverage. It also has an elastic waistband, which provides flexibility. Briefs have minimum leg coverage. It has a V-shape. It is comfortable in sitting and perform your work without much worry.

It may cause itching because it has contact with the skin. Boxer briefs have an elastic waistband, which provides flexibility, and they can be worn under jeans. It is airy and comfortable. 

Pistol Pete PPG036 Shower Trunk

4. You should spend enough to buy stunning underwear

Try to buy stunning and erotic underwear for men because they have the properties to make you stunning in minimal fabric and skimpy designs. Well, in the end, the choice will be yours.

5. You should own at least 7-10 pairs of underwear.

On average, one should have 7-10 pairs of underwear as it is necessary because you cannot wear dirty underwear as it can infect your genitals.

6. Use mild detergent

Harsh detergent may develop contact dermatitis underneath, which is an allergic inflammatory response to perfume or harsh detergent.

So, what do you think of men’s underwear? Do you now think it is really necessary for your intimate health? Do let us know in the comments below.


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