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Discover Comfort with Intymen Men’s Underwear

Sexy and bold, Intymen offers a creative collection of traditional and erotic pieces that combine basic fits with modern intimate design elements. Quality, comfort and sexiness is what the Intymen Men’s Underwear all about. Intymen features a large variety of attention-grabbing designs that include:

Boxer Briefs- Intymen Boxer Briefs covers all around leaving the package for show. The shaping outline around the package provides an appropriate enhancement.

Jockstraps- The range of Intymen Jockstraps are manly, supportive, classy and featured with bulge boosting benefits. The jock has an extraordinary pouch design with a hidden C-Ring on the front panel. The cradle-like pouch has open sides for easy access. The Sport Pouch jockstrap is sexy and sporty. The form-fitting underwear keeps everything together for an enhancing profile.

Thongs- Intymen thongs are featured with sexiness, full support and mobility. They are perfect for gymming, jogging and activities that involve most of the leg movement. The front of the thong features a C-Ring that gives a snug fit. Exceptionally large side and back panels allows a little more coverage.

Briefs- The Intymen Briefs goes from the traditional cuts to extreme sexy patterns and semi see-through designs. This range has many secrets, one being the hidden C-ring contraption. The shaping-specialized pouch has an in-built C-ring. The purpose of the ring is to keep your manhood up and lifted to the correct position. It also gives a protruded shape that is visible in the pants.

Intymen underwear goes from the traditional and classic to the extreme and very sexy. Nothing short of flattering, Intymen presents fun enhancements such as butt-lifting boxer briefs, see-through briefs and pouch enhancing hammocks. This pulse raising range has many hidden secrets including unique C-ring contraptions and more. The brand’s collection is inspired by the classics but given an edge that takes the garments to the next level.

The brand offers superior fabric construction and a mix of form-fitting materials such as polyester and other popular microfibers. What’s more, the brand provides a sexy swimwear collection.

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