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Dancing with the star : “Most memorable year” for Nick

Do you sit with a bucket of popcorn and a glass of drink to watch Dancing with the stars, or am I the only one? What has really caught my attention this season is the performance of Nick Viall. The progress that he has shown is a proof that he won’t let it go. Whether it was the Cha-cha-cha in the first week or the Rumba in the fourth one, every performance can be considered to be at par.

In fact, the fourth week of this season was one of the best so far. The contestant was asked to dance on a song that represents the most memorable year of his/her life. This theme was probably the most thoughtful one till date. I have been a long-standing watcher of a lot of dance reality shows, but this theme was kinda unique.

As expected, Nick chose to act out the year when he met her fiance Vanessa. The Bachelor based Rumba with partner Peta Murgatroyd was the best performance of the contestant so far. The flawless performance of Peta portrayed how Vanessa battled other participants and made her way into Nick’s heart. Considering the fact that the participants had to dance on the unlearned dance form, I would rate this performance 9 out of 10.

Keeping the act aside, what really bugs me is the fact that he chose 2017 as the most memorable year of his entire life. In a write-up published on, the writer Lindsay Denninger said, “It was just three weeks ago that Nick found the love of his life and that I have an underwear older than the relationship of Nick”. Wasn’t it too early to consider the year memorable? Well, I would like to mention I bought a pair of men’s bikini on the day when the finale of aired The Bachelor aired. So, I can say that I have a pair of men’s underwear that is as old as his relationship. Lets see which one lasts longer. Besides, I would like to mention I don’t prefer wearing the same pair for more 4 months as it’s unhygienic. I hope this is not the case with Nick (and of course, I’m talking about his frequency of changing mates).

Unfortunately, the ‘Disney Night’ week wasn’t lucky for my favorite contestant of the season. He is the ‘last one to be called safe’.

Who’ll be the winner this season according to you? My vote goes to ‘The Bachelor’. Share your views in the comment section below.

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