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Daddy Underwear latest collection of male lingerie is worth your attention

In this post, you will know about the Daddy Underwear latest collection of male lingerie is worth your attention and provide you jocks and brief style. Read more here:

The highlights of the Daddy Underwear latest collection

Daddy Underwear has recently launched its latest collection- Lover Thong, Papi Jock, Hold on Hard Bodysuit, Mesh Love Jock, Sugar Daddy Jock and Be Brief.

The biggest highlight of this collection is the color combinations. Though the silhouette of every style is simple but the way designers have played with the color combination is outstanding.

Designers have purely kept every style in black and white color and to enhance the look, designers have added a tinch of different colors. Pairs like Daddy Mesh Love Jock and Daddy Hold On Hard Bodysuit are in one color. 


Daddy DDE046 Sugar Daddy Jock

The entire collection of men's underwear is suitable for every other man out there. Along with enhancing the physique, pairs make the wearer feel comfortable. All these pairs of men's underwear are available in different sizes. Do check out.

About the brand

Skiviez never fails to delight its loyal consumers with a variety of traditional men's underwear produced by the industry's most reputable underwear makers. Skiviez caters to the fashion-conscious male population with over 60 high-end brands. The site has introduced Daddy Underwear with the goal of providing the greatest and most fashionable goods. The brand, which was launched in 2016, has hit the correct tone in terms of men's underwear fashion. Despite its youth in the market, the company has a strong grasp of design, pattern, and style.

Daddy's men's underwear is both utilitarian and fashionable. The designer's collection includes everything from basic shapes to sporty and wicked ones that can satisfy the passion for sexy underwear.

About the collection

The collection consists of three major underwear styles for men- Thongs, men's jockstrap underwear, and men's brief underwear. Besides that, it even offers bodysuits for men.

Daddy DDI016 Volley Jockstrap

  1. Men's jockstrap underwear

The collection majorly offers three different types of jockstrap and each pair is different from the other. For example, Daddy DDE046 Sugar Daddy Jock looks similar to your regular pair of jockstraps. But the element which makes it unique is the contrast-colored elastic straps used at the back.

Similarly, Daddy DDE045 Papi Jock comprises elastic straps, pouch, and waistband. However, the construction of elastic straps is different. And Mesh Love Jock is way different from your ordinary pair of male jocks.

  1. Men's brief underwear

This collection comprises one pair of the brief. It's just like your ordinary pair of men's briefs, the small patch of rainbow-colored fabric on the waistband makes it unique. The pair is comfortable, sexy, and great for your everyday activities. Further, the skinny silhouette of this pair gives the wearer enough freedom to perform his tasks.

Daddy DDJ010 Wing Brief
  1. Thong underwear for men

Daddy Underwear has included one pair of thong which is comfortable, supportive, and give your butt a nice pump. Instead of playing with too many colors, designers have kept this pair of male lingerie simple and elegant. Further, this pair of men's thongs includes a very minimal amount of colors.

  1. Bodysuit

Lastly, to raise the level of romance, the brand has come up with a bodysuit. This male bodysuit is great for men who wish to try a bodysuit but couldn't due to some of the other reasons. It's comfortable and looks great when you wear it with confidence.

Fabric Used

Polyamide - Spandex

Colors available

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
  • Red
  • Navy


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XLarge
  • XXLarge


$22.62- $33.06

Buy it here:


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