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C-IN2 Elliptic And Sales Galore!

C-IN2  Elliptic Undewear

New from C-IN2 comes the Elliptic line. The state of the art technology required to create the unique fabric is a first in underwear fashions. Features a unique type of Lyocell called Seacell. It’s a combination of wood pulp fiber and cellulose derived from seaweed, creating a porous, open structure that breathes well. Its production is much less damaging to the environment than the production of competing fibers like viscose because much of the solvent solution is recycled during the production process.

C-IN2 elliptic boxer brief

Even though it is brand new, C-IN2 Elliptic is still included in the 25% discount off of all C-IN2 products.

Sales Galore

Not to be left out of the sale extravaganza, 2xist is having its semi-annual sale with everything 25% off. This sale ends Monday, December 15, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Pikante, Clever, Beau Monde, and Baskit are all 25% off as well while everything Kyle is just $9!

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