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C-IN2 Bamboo is now C-IN2 Zen and is now in stock

Remember C-IN2 Bamboo? Of course you do! C-IN2 Bamboo was one of the most popular C-IN2 lines that Skiviez has ever carried. After a few months of delays, we’re proud to finally announce that Skiviez has C-IN2 Bamboo back in stock—it’s just been renamed to C-IN2 Zen.

C-IN2 Bamboo

Same great product with a new name

C-IN2 Zen is the same fabric composition, cut, and style that you may remember from the C-IN2 Bamboo line circa 2009.

Made from a blend of 69% rayon (using materials sourced from bamboo), 29% cotton, and 2% spandex, the fabric used in the C-IN2 Zen line is a perfect blend of silky synthetics and comfortable cotton. When combined with C-IN2′s legendary cuts that follow your body’s contours in all the right ways and in all of the right places, the C-IN2 Zen line is simply unstoppable.

Be sure to check out the C-IN2 Zen Punt. It’s a Brazilian-inspired style that sits right on your hips. It’s a style that sits somewhere between the slider and the army trunk; it has a larger outseam than the slider, but it’s still a bit smaller than that of the army trunk.

And for those who are fans of classic boxer briefs, be sure to check out the C-IN2 Zen Rider, which features ultra long legs that provide stability and comfort for cycling or other athletic activities.

Introducing “curacao,” a beautiful blue

C-IN2 Zen

With this shipment of C-IN2 Zen, we’ve got the usual core black and white (“Vanilla Ice”) colors in stock, but C-IN2 has also introduced a hot new color for Spring/Summer 2011: curacao. Like the traditionally blue liqueur or the waters surrounding the island of the same name in the Caribbean, the C-IN2 Zen line in curacao is a dreamy bright blue that’s sure to get the attention of anyone who can see you.

Buy your C-IN2 Zen today!

C-IN2 Zen (formerly C-IN2 Bamboo) has a tendency to sell out very quickly. Be sure to grab your pair before it’s too late.

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