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A complete Guide to Men's Enhancement Underwear

A complete Guide to Men's Enhancement Underwear

Right from the classic tighty-whitey, boxers and briefs for men to the modern styles of men’s bikini and thong underwear, the underneath fashion has evolved a lot. It seems like there are more options in the mens underwear category for men now than ever before. If facts are to be believed, the loincloth was the first-ever pull-on underpants worn by human beings. The undergarment made of leather was later replaced baggy drawers called ‘braies’. As per Wikipedia, modern men’s underwear, that is boxer shorts, was invented in the year 1920s. It was then followed by brief underwear, men's bikini, boxer briefs and other modern cuts like men's thongs and g-strings. The infographic shows the transitions witnessed by underwear styles over the period of time.

History of Men's Underwear

The array of men’s underwear is an amalgamation of varied styles namely boxer shorts, briefs, boxers briefs, others. However, the underneath fashion industry has seen an abrupt shift in demand in the past two decades. With the change in the needs and wants of modern men, the size of the undies became skimpier and functionally sound.

As per a survey conducted by Wakefield Research for FRIGO, 75% of men in the US have issues with the underwear that they are wearing. Fit, support, protection and breathability were some of the problems that they faced. Sweating is the worst offender that compels most men to go commando.

Truth about Men's Underwear

Image Source: Infographicsmania

Along with comfort and support, men are equally concerned about their look. As per a report published by, an internet survey was done in order to get an insight of the customer need. They were asked the reason that encourages them to try new underwear style. 80% of the respondents replied that looking good in underwear or finding a pair of good looking underwear was important for them.

Men's Underwear Infographics

Assimilating the studies together, it is clear that underwear is no longer apparel that cover the bare essentials for a man. Here are certain aspects that a wearer would look for in his underneath article.


    • Perfect fit
    • Sensual style
    • Personality accentuation
    • Moisture-wicking properties
    • Comfort and support

The need for enhanced profile and sensual look compelled the modern male population to blaze a trail in the field of shapewear as well as risky and expensive surgeries. Even the underwear companies have reflected this change in the preference men by creating aesthetically functional and stylish undies.

Mens enhancing underwear is one of the newest innovation in this category of men’s clothing. After doing wonders for the ladies, these apparel with enhancement contraption has made a mark in fashion for the gentleman as well. Men’s enhancing underwear works like magic for those who prioritize style and sex appeal. When this kind of underwear for men came out it was definitely a taboo. However, nowadays guys enjoy the extra support and accentuated personality.

How does it work?

Enhancing underwear works for one sole purpose: lift. As the name itself says it enhances the assets of the wearer. Whether you’re looking for frontal or rear enhancement, the sexy underwear upholds the bare essentials and keeps them an elevated position rather than simply letting them sag down. Pushing the anatomy out, it creates a visible bulge that can bring the entire attention in your middle. You will feel a boost in your self-confident knowing that people are noticing you.

Why should you try an enhancing underwear?

Having discussed what they are and how they work, let us consider the benefits that the enhancing undies offer.

1. Anatomically correct pouch construction

The traditional styles of men’s underwear had flat pouch designs that kept the manhood somewhere in between the legs. The crotch area of an individual is always covered with a double and sometimes triple layer of clothing. Thus, it is more prone to sweating. The heat coupled with the body temperature of the person added to this problem. Excessive sweating and moisture retention led to rashes, chafing and other skin related issue. Not only this, the flat front of the conventional underneath articles squashed the manhood. However, technology has changed with time. The pouch of these modern styles of underwear isolates the anatomy and keeps it away from the abrasion of the legs. The isolation not only enhances the visibility of the genital area but also gets you rid of the perpetual sweat secretion and other related issues.

2. Profile enhancement

Other than functionality, profile enhancement is something that everyone looks forward to, regardless of gender or age. Let's face the truth, even with countless products, enhancing the size of your bulge and manhood is not an easy task unless you are going for the risky surgeries. Are you looking to enhance your front profile? Enhancement underwear for men can be the answer! They redefine the overall personality of a man. With the exclusive pouch made to hold the manhood, you can easily get the perfect add-on to your masculinity. It can help in revealing your bulge in a proper way that can get you some extra attention. Your partner will be ogling at your manhood with utmost curiosity.

3. Medical Benefits

The innovative styles of underneath article offer a mixture of vanity and health benefits. Studies have found that overheating the testicles can result in low sperm count. Rather than potentially squashing your manhood, the fabric sits on your skin and adds breathability to the anatomy. The abrasion-free pouch keeps the entire package cool and dry. This even reduces the risk of infertility.

Types of men’s enhancement underwear

The enhancing underwear for men is not only confined to the frontal enhancement. There are a plethora of options available in this category. Here’s an insight into the various alternatives to choose from.

1. Padded Underwear

The padded underwear is custom designed to enhance curves at the right place. The pads inscribed in the underneath articles add attributes to the wearer that will certainly boost your masculinity without hitting hard on your pocket. Listed below are some of the advantages of using this underwear style.

    • Every man is not born with the asset that he can be proud of. Padded undergarments are a temporary solution for providing instant enhancement. These mens fashion underwear styles come in frontal and back padding. You can now add pizzazz to your looks without wasting your dollars in surgeries.
    • Padding is also added in underneath clothing for protection and insulation purpose. In fact, earlier jockstraps and cycling shorts had pads in them to protect the genital of the cyclists and athletes.
One of the biggest disadvantages of these undergarments is that they create an insulation layer. Cutting down the air flow, it leads to sweating and sticking. Thus, you need to consider certain aspects consider while buying your piece.
    • The pad should be soft. Avoid choosing the silicon pads as are very heavy. Go for the ones that are lightweight and allows your manhood to breathe.
    • These undergarments are not for everyday use. Moreover, if worn for longer duration it may have adverse effects. The heat and temperature sometimes lead to low sperm count, thus, affecting fertility.

2. Push up Underwear

Men's Push Up Underwear
The push-up technology can be used in the front as well as at the rear. The pouch of these undergarments features a U-shaped strap that hugs the package and keeps them together. The strap pushes the package in the upward direction and provides a natural-looking enhancement. The push and lift help you manhood gain size. Keeping the anatomy away abrasion of the body, it even reduces sweating and problems such as chafing, rashes, and others.
What makes push up underwear worth-trying?

The push-up technology is not just about enhancement and accentuation. An abrasion-free elevation is a healthy option than that of the conventional styles. The reduction in sweating and sticking provides a drier and healthier wearing experience. Keeping the anatomy cools and dry, it reduces the risk of infertility in men.

Not only this, the u-shaped material provides ultimate support to the wearer down there. Holding the package together it makes sure that everything is in place.

3. Pouch Underwear

Men's Pouch Underwear
Thanks to modern technologies, men can now look just the way that they want to. Men’s pouch underwear is an underwear style that is specifically designed with an anatomical pouch that can accentuate the front profile without compromising support and comfort. The form-fitting pouch keeps everything place without provoking much movement down there.

The pouch underwear can be categorized into following different types.

a)C-ring contraption

C-ring or cock ring is a ring-like structure placed around the male anatomy that keeps it at an elevated position. The conventional c-rings were made of steel and using them was painful. The modern undies with c-ring contraption are made of soft fabric that feels smooth against the most sensitive body part. The underneath apparel stands up to the promise of no compression, maximum comfort, and all around functionality so that men enjoy the feels as much as they do the idea. Well, there are so many reasons why cock ring are underrated.

They work by placing the package of the wearer in the pouch section. The c-ring rearranges your junk and keeps it at the right place. The bulge enhancing increases the size of the package, creating depth, and reshapes the front profile. The anatomical correct construction provides a fuller and rounder profile without compromising comfort.

Some brands like Intymen, Miami Jock, and others offer a pulse ranging line of mens enhancing underwear that has the unique inbuilt c-ring contraption.

b)Contour pouch

Male enhancement underwear with contoured pouch has a seam that runs down to the middle of the crotch. The contour not only provides extra room for the manhood to breathe, but maximizes the support. Adding to the lift, it redefines the frontal profile of the wearer.
What is the difference between normal and contoured pouch?

As per 'The Underwear Expert', contour pouch is a whole new spectrum of men’s underneath fashion. According to The Experts, “pouch relies on one small seam. If you come across a pair of underwear that has a bump of thread running down the middle of the crotch pouch, that means it is contoured. Contoured pouches have many benefits over other type of pouches. Since two pieces of fabric meet in the middle, it allows for more room for your package, but it also supports it, helps define it and even gives it a bit of a lift. Contour pouches are all the rage in men’s underwear because of everything they can do for you, and you will immediately notice the difference between a regular pouch and contoured one. Some brands also incorporate extra seams on the sides of the pouch for even more definition and support.”

c)Pouch with booster strap

These mens enhancement underwear articles feature a pouch with adjustable booster strap. The strap is placed outside which fits around the package. It can pull to provide the desired lift to the manhood, thus, accentuating the front profile.

According to a report published by PR Newswire in the year 2016, even urologists support the innovative adjustable pouch underwear for men. Underwear For Men, a manufacturer of men’s underwear, met a team of 244 Urologists in San Diego, CA to discuss the medical benefits of an adjustable pouch. Here’s what was concluded after the meeting.
    • Provides excellent comfort and support. The pocket keeps the manhood just at the right place. Thus, keeps you free from the dangling package.
    • Improves compliance when directed to wear support underwear.
    • Elevates self-esteem and improves quality of life.

4. Butt enhancing underwear for men

Men's Butt Enhancing Underwear
According to a report published in the year 2016, both men and women are adding fillers to the derrieres. The article says that people are even restoring for illegal butt injections that have caused serious injuries. Others are going for medical options that transfer the fat from elsewhere on the body to the person’s seat. For all the style connoisseur out there, the butt enhancing underwear for men appear to be a viable option. Dressing up your derrieres can effortlessly get you an extra attention as women love men with well-shaped butt.

Even this category of enhancing underwear for men are available in various types.

Padded butts

The butt-padded underwear are undies with built-in padding that are stitched or molded into the fabric and cannot be removed. Or you can also get garments with purpose built ‘pockets’ that are designed to accommodate removable butt-padding inserts. With the formal one, there is a security that the pad won’t move around during everyday wear. However, in either case, there the manhood of the wearer will face the problem of squashing, sweating and sticking.

Butt-lifting underwear for men

They are usually elasticated, providing support and lifting the buttocks upwards. These mens enhancing underwear reshapes the buttocks, making them appear rounder.

The disadvantages with lifting straps relate to the comfort of having straps lifting you upwards. These straps can sometimes dig into your buttocks a little too much.

Things to avoid in Mens Enhancing Underwear:

With all the different aspects being covered under the respective category of mens enhancement underwear, it is also important for you to make sure that you stay away from some aspects. Why you might ask? Well, because when you avoid such options, you open the way where enhancing underwear for men is all about being the functional mens underwear. After all, we already know the importance of male underwear and this one specifically has its own benefits but you will be able to know them only when you’ll avoid the following.

Don’t sign up for discomfort in mens enhancement underwear

Discomfort and male underwear don’t go well with each other no matter what you talk about. Talking in specific about enhancement underwear for men, discomfort can cause a lot more problems than you think. Starting from the irritation in your head and hampers your focus and concentration on things that are on your list. In addition, the discomfort can also be the reason of rashes, itching and other ailments that are the probable cause. Hence, make sure you avoid any discomfort in enhancement underwear for men.

Skin issues are the next problem

We already have talked partly about skin problems in the earlier point but when it comes to this, it deserves an all-together separate justification. Skin problems are caused when you don’t choose the correct size of the mens enhancing underwear. Majorly when the pieces are too tight for your size, you get that constant urge to scratch down there and when you do that - you open up possibilities like rashes, itching, redness, soar skin and more.

Final say

Looking for a boost to either your package or confidence, enhancing underwear for men are specifically engineered to get a better definition of your appearance. So, why take the risk of expensive pills and surgeries when you can get the much-desired look at the click of a button.

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