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6 Ways to cross over the mainstream Underwear Fashion

6 Ways to cross over the mainstream Underwear Fashion

Starting all the way from the pre-historic loincloth to the modern-day men’s bikini underwear, the underneath fashion for men has seen it all. The classic styles of underwear for men were specifically designed to support the genital of the wearer. The loose fitted boxers and long johns dominated the market for a very long time. However, the saggy balls led to the demand for undies with a snugger fit that can accommodate the manhood. As a result of which men’s brief and later boxer briefs came into existence.

Earlier the undergarment was considered as a way of performing one’s gender. With the changing time, the underneath fashion for men changed as well as. However, the majority of the male population wasn’t ready to embrace the contemporary underwear styles initially. The modern men are more liberal and don’t care about being their masculinity being labeled. This has paved the way for some of the exotic undies styles like men’s thong, bikinis and even g-string underwear.

What exactly is mainstream underwear fashion?

This is probably the first that may pop into your mind. It is regardless to say that the conventional styles of boxers and briefs have always occupied the top drawer of every man. It still continues to be one of the favorites for all modern population. Although there haven’t been any major breakthroughs since the introduction of boxer briefs, there has been a change in the general taste and preference.

As per a report of Huffington Post, the classic undies steals the show when compared to the modern ones. Yet, 48% of the total respondents agreed that their underwear makes them feel sexy. Thus, very slowly and steadily, even the skimpy skivvies have entered the mainstream.

Underwear Fashion
The next question that may arise is how can you stay in sync with mainstream underneath fashion. Well, here are some of the simple ways of crossing over contemporary fashion quotient without going over-the-board.
    • The sexy underwear styles
Sexy underwear styles
Despite the fact that nothing can beat the trust of boxers and brief, the modern underwear styles have created its place in the underwear industry. The reason being, along with the sexy style, the undies keeps the comfort and support unaltered. Styles like men’s thongs, bikinis and other erotic cuts are some of the most trending things these days. So, upgrade your wardrobe from the usual ones and stay in line with the trend.
    • The see-through patterns
See-through patterns
If the concern of compromising the support and comfort is bothering you, then, worry no more. The classic underneath apparel these days offer a touch of sensuality without giving up on the functionality part. The see-through underwear made of sheer and mesh fabric reveals a little more than expected. This is an apt option for optimizing the balance between your personal style and the practical approach to managing your work and life.
    • Touch of feminism
Touch of feminism
Even though a lot of stigma surrounds the feminine styles such as men’s lace underwear, this is one of the most trending things among the intrepid explorers. The adventurous personality is accepting the fact that manliness is related to the underwear that you are wearing. In fact, these outrageously sexy undies can give an effortless erotic feel that can even boost your self-confidence.
    • Unused colors
Unused colors
Black, white and grey are some of the classic shades for men. However, with the changing trend the underwear industry, tighty-whiteys have lost their charm. It is now a whole new era of colorful men’s underwear. In fact, as per experts the shade of the underneath article affects the mood of an individual and speaks a lot about your personality. So, choose the color that expresses a lot about your true self.
    • Play with prints
Play with prints
Give into your adventurous side by picking up the undies featuring the jazzy prints. If you have the flamboyance to put down the edgiest fashion quotient below the best, then, the printed skivvies is just the right thing for you. You can now add a flair of machismo with men’s camo underwear or get a sexier look with the flashy and loud prints. One thing is for sure, you’ll get effortlessly stay on-trend with the printed undies.
    • Enhancement contraption
Enhancement contraption

Whether you have your clothes on or off, the underneath article should speak for your personal style. The pouch underwear is one option that can project the sensual side of your personality along with ample support and comfort. The flat front undies are not only orthodox, but even leads to some underneath issues like rashes, chafing and others. Adding pizzazz to your sensuality, the skivvies with enhancement contraption can even get you rid of these skin-related issue in the crotch area.

Follow the tips and get the on fleek underneath fashion.

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