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6 pairs of Mens erotic underwear if want plump butts

In this post, you will know about the best 6 pairs of mens erotic underwear that perfect to show off what you have got. Read more here:

Whenever we think about attaining that toned body, chiseled thighs, and getting those plump-looking butts, we always think of hitting the gym. But what if I tell you that, now you don't have to hit the gym for getting that sexy back profile? Yes, just by switching to these sexy men's erotic underwear, you can achieve plump-looking butts.

This men's underwear blog will guide you through those erotic underwear styles.

Style 1: Miami Jock MJL018 Punisher G-String Strap

The reason why you get that extra plump in this style is because of those leather-looking straps that go behind your butts. When you slip into this style, the way it fits you can't take your eyes off. 

Besides that, in case you want to spice up your relationship with your partner, Miami Jock G-string underwear for men is the right fit. Furthermore, the sexy pouch in it keeps your manhood in the right shape with complete support. 

Miami Jock MJL018 Punisher G-String Strap

The feature which makes this style extra spicy is the leg bands that come in a bit of shine, making this style right during getting intimate with your partner. Moreover, this leg band makes this mens erotic underwear look attractive. Miami Jock's Punisher G-string Strap is available in three different colors red, black, and blue. Whether you go for red-colored pair, or black each color will enhance your sex appeal equally. You even feel enticing. 

Style 2: Good Devil GDK036 Cheeks Out Thong

Mesh is another incredible fabric and is mostly used in lingerie. Whenever we talk about sexy male underwear, our list is incomplete without mentioning the sexy styles of Good Devil.

Good Devil's Cheeks Out Thong underwear comprises of sexy mesh look. Further, this pair comes with a functional pouch that beautifully boosts the size of your manhood and gives your butt that natural plump. 

Good Devil GDK036 Cheeks Out Thong

Moreover, this style prevents your manhood from falling. The soft and gentle fabric used in the front provides complete coverage and the shiny and stretchable waistband gives comfort and lets you move freely. The logo on the waistbelt lets the wearer feel more comfortable. 

The fabric used in the style gives a very light feel so there is no question of feeling uncomfortable. Besides that, it increases your sex appeal as well as boosts the confidence that gives you sensuousness and fashionable appeal. 

Style 3: Good Devil GDK035 All Out Thong

Sexy, simple, and comfortable, Good Devil's All Out Thong comes with all these features. However, certain elements make this underwear unique. Furthermore, Good Devil's All Out Thong for men offers a glimpse of your male genitals.

Creators have included contrast-colored piping around that part which extends till your back, as a result, your back profile gets a beautifully enhanced look. Furthermore, multiple straps at the back of this thong will remind you of another sexy underwear, male jockstrap.

Good Devil GDK035 All Out Thong

Good Devil's All Out Thong is comprised of one of the greatest fabric compositions, polyamide - spandex. Also, you can shop this skinny male lingerie in your favorite color and size as it is available in different colors and sizes. Another important point to remember, read the labels carefully before washing them. 

Style 4: Good Devil GD6034 Seductive Brief

Briefs can be seductive too, proved by Good Devil by introducing Good Devil GD6034 Seductive brief underwear for men. This pair of men's brief underwear is a great fit for those who wish to accommodate their manhood in a sheer fabric without compromising with the support factor. Good Devil's Seductive Brief underwear enhances your features, offers the wearer a snug fit pouch designed in sheer fabric. This allows your audience to have better exposure to your assets. Moreover, you attain the right amount of breathability as it is made out of mesh fabric which not only improves your seductiveness but offers you a sufficient level of comfort.

Good Devil GD6034 Seductive Brief

The sheer fabric used in this men's brief underwear helps you flaunt your butt. Furthermore, the piping on the underwear embraces the entire look of your lingerie. 

Style 5: Agacio AGG053 The Cage Boxer

Another surprising style we have in the out list is Agacio AGG053 The Cage Boxer. Surprising because it's boxers and it's sexy. Usually, boxers are made out of cotton and in solid colors or prints. However, these pairs of boxers are unique due to the mesh fabric used in them. This makes you feel as if your manhood is caught in a cage. 


Agacio AGG053 The Cage Boxer

Designers have tried making the right balance in the style by not overdoing the things in it. The contrast-colored waistband and piping enhance the entire look of these male boxers. The combination of viscose, polyamide, and spandex makes this pair comfortable and supportive.

Style 6: Daddy DDE017 Jockstrap

Jockstraps are always my favorite. This pair of male jockstraps is erotic and looks great when you wear them with confidence. 

Daddy DDE017 Jockstrap

Speaking about the waistband of the style, it's different from what you see in other pairs of male jockstraps. Furthermore, the elastic waistbands in this pair give a nice plump to your butt.

Where to shop?

You can shop these men's underwear styles from Skiviez's official website. Besides these, if you want to shop for other pairs of men's brief underwear or men's sheer underwear, Skiviez has got everything for you.

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