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5 Signs you're in love with your underwear

Some men love cars, bikes while others are obsessed with shoes. You love underwear for men. It does not matter whether you choose the conventional men’s briefs or the modern cock ring underwear, you will be happy to spend money on your below the belt fashion rather than investing in any other things - lavishly. You would gladly pick more than two every time you sit down to shop and at least one pair when you just scroll the men’s underwear online store in your free time to raise your happiness.

If you just said yes to the above signs, there’s no doubt that you aren’t all about sexy underwear, but the following are the signs that will declare your love for your underwear more clearly.

You would go crazy if you had to wear the same pair two days in a row
You don’t buy the fact that someone wears the same pair of fashion underwear every single day. Where is the fun in that? You can’t imagine yourself in that spot where you have to wear the same tighty whitey Monday to Sunday. It would be like the end of the world for you that way. Your top drawer is filled with every style, color, and fabric imaginable.

You have enough pieces to go on without repeating for six months

You must have heard about the people who turn their underwear inside out to make sure that the dirty side goes outside and the clean one on the inside. But, you aren’t the one who stands in this category because you don’t repeat what you wear. It is no exaggeration to say that you could go for months without having to wash a pair because you own so many different styles.

You plan your outfits around your underwear

You might have seen other men choosing their skivvies depending on what they’ll be wearing their outfits. But you, on the other hand, are the one who’ll pick out your exotic underwear and then plan what you can wear as your outfit. For example, you would pick your thong underwear for men and then see whether the tight pants would be better for you or the leather trousers.

You almost get a heartache when your underwear gets wrecked

Even the thought of a hole in your trunk underwear would give you shivers down your spine. Likewise, there are so many other problems that give you heartaches when you know that your intimate wear is facing wear and tear. And, it breaks your heart when you have to throw something out and you cannot buy the exact replacement. Hence, this proves that you know the importance of your underwear.

You even get excited when there’s a sale online

When you get notified that there’ll be a sale from this to a respective date, you’ll plan your day accordingly so that you have enough time to pick all your undergarments and serve your fetish for the same. That probably will be your best day when you’ll be able to choose your favorite style.

Do you see these signs in yourself? Do let us know how crazy you are for your men’s underwear.

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