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5 men's underwear styles below $50 to shop for Valentine's Day

In this post, you will know about the 5 men's underwear styles below $50 to shop for Valentine's Day and you make your day memorable as well. Read more here:

To celebrate any occasion be your Valentine's Day or even your birthday, you don't have to go extravagant with things. Just to impress people, spending your hard-earned money doesn't make sense, instead, you can enjoy your occasion by staying on budget and purchasing anything smartly. For example, to look fabulous in front of your partner you don't have to buy a new suit. You can just mix-match your older clothes and create a new look. Similarly, you don't have to shop expensive men's underwear styles to impress your partner, especially when Skiviez's is offering such amazing pairs of male lingerie and that too below $50. 

Hence, we have come up with some amazing men's underwear styles in this men's underwear blog. Hope you found them useful and perfect. 

1. Agacio AGG054 The Mesh Cock Boxer

One feature that makes Agacio's Mesh Cock Boxer for men ideal for Valentine's Day is the mesh fabric used in the pouch. This mesh fabric offers a glimpse of your manhood. Hence to look good and feel confident in this pair of male underwear, make sure your private parts are shaved.

Agacio AGG054 The Mesh Cock Boxer

Polyamide-Spandex gives nice flexibility and stretchability. Moreover, it's lightweight on the skin hence you feel great. The designers have used a broad waistband that beautifully compliments your underwear.

Its comfortable, sexy and enhance your features very well. Do give this a shot.

Price: $21.32

2. Daniel Alexander DAI073 Bikini

If it's Valentine's Day, we have to talk about Daniel Alexander's men's lingerie collection.

Daniel Alexander DAI073 Bikini

The mesh fabric used to create this style of male bikini makes this style more stylish, fabulous, and easy to carry. Moreover, fashion designers have used broad waistbands to hold delicate fabric-like mesh. 

Wearing this sexy style of male lingerie boost your confidence and let you enjoy every moment. Also, the deadly combination of Polyester, Polyamide, and Spandex makes this pair even more comfortable. 

Price: $26.10

3. Miami Jock MJE053 Jockstrap

Come on man! It's Valentine's Day and you have complete right to be crazy and look sexy. 

Miami Jock MJE053 Jockstrap underwear for men has everything which can make this slightly sexier. 

Miami Jock MJE053 Jockstrap

This pair of men's jockstrap underwear is not like your ordinary pair of jockstrap underwear. It includes mesh fabric in the pouch to offer a glimpse of your manhood. Another element that makes this pair even more interesting and wanna be. The straps in the front make this pair unique.

Polyester-Polyamide-Spandex is a combination that lets the wearer stay comfortably. Men with a great build can try this pair as this men's underwear style looks great on your toned thighs. 

Miami Jock offers this style in three different colors- Red, Royal Blue, and Black.


We simply love this pair. Its breathable, ultra-light, sensual and dries up quickly. The sheer fabric used in this men's underwear style doesn't make you feel as if you are wearing anything down there.


To enhance the pouch section, designers have used piping on it. Along with that, the contrast-colored fabric is being used on the edge of the pouch. Moreover, the broad waistband holds the fabric rightly. 

The fabric composition, 95% Nylon 5% Spandex enhances the stretachability and comfort of this male underwear.

Price: $29

5. Cover Male CMI046 The Spilt Brief

Cover Male's Spilt Brief is another ideal pair for your Valentine's Day. Looking at the design, it has completely changed the image of the brief in the minds of the male population. Can briefs be so sexy? 

Not only does it look delicious from the front but even from the back. The snug-fit feature beautifully enhances the shape of your butt. 

Cover Male CMI046 The Spilt Brief

Designers have used Polyamide and Spandex to give enough stretchability and flexibility to the person wearing it. 

Price: $17.40

Do give these pairs a try.

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