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4 Facts You should know Before Buying Underwear for Men

4 Facts You should know Before Buying Underwear for MenFor some or the other reasons talking about men’s assets as well as about underwear for men has always been out of the bounds. However, that’s not the case when it comes to women’s lingerie and because of the same, many men out, there are still unaware of so many facts that can bring them to the light.

You might or might want to know when did your fashion underwear came into existence or which style came first. However, what would interest you are the facts that’ll help you buy them without any ifs and buts. Hence, we compiled a few facts that you must know before buying your underneath fashion.

Comfort is everything but men get confused

When you think about buying designer underwear, the very first thing that matters is the comfort of your assets. So, when buying your favorite style, you need to keep this aspect at the top priority. However, men get confused with the other aspects like support, enhancement and more.

Agacio Fashion Underwear

The fabric on the underwear and that on the waistband are different

Did you know that the fabric out of which the entire thong underwear or boxer brief is made is different from the fabric used in the elastic waistband? Well, many people think that a certain combination of fabric is used in totality. For example, 80% cotton and 20% spandex would be more specifically talk only about the exotic underwear sans the waistband. The waistband is made totally of spandex or Lycra or even Elastane.

It is better to have something rather than going commando

Going commando is a term referred to the time when both men and women abstain from wearing underwear. They have their own reasons to stay without it but the fact is that once you plan to quit your unmentionables, you face a lot of problems. From chafing, sweat marks to problems that are more grave. Hence, it is suggested for you to have something down there to support the manhood and can go bare while you sleep.

Briefs do not lower the sperm count

If you knew this, you’d surely are an aware person who knows what to opt for and what is a myth. Though there were studies which concluded that brief underwear causes lower sperm count, but later other studies were conducted to check the results. Hence, it was observed that any tight pair would cause the same problem and it is not specifically caused by briefs.

With these facts, you’ll be free to choose your favorite style keeping your concepts clear of what you must go for.

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