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The basic distinction between Thongs and G-Strings for you to choose the right one

As long as I have been writing for men's underwear, I have seen a lot of wearers getting confused between various styles that they come across. Whether it is the all-time men's boxer briefs and boxer shorts, male bikinis and men's briefs or the latest among these would be men’s thong underwear and g-strings. Well, the underneath fashion industry all that it takes to spread the awareness among men about the sexy underwear styles like thongs for men, g-string underwear, or even other men's lingerie styles, it hasn’t been something that men talk about openly. They might wear men’s thong underwear in private but would not discuss it out in the open.

However, that’s not we should be concerned about as it is their INTIMATE affair - pun intended!! What matters to us is how confused they are when it comes to choosing between men’s thong underwear and men's g-strings for that matter.

So, the next time when you try to shop either of the men's sexy underwear styles, you should keep in mind the following differences that make men’s thong underwear distinct from g-strings.

Men's g-string underwear

The history

When you take a look at the history of both the men's underwear styles, you would find that men’s thong underwear dates long back and is also considered as the predecessor of the loincloth. In that time, the thongs for men were worn by the rich and the elite personalities.

On the other hand, g-strings for men are a newer concept and was derived out of men’s thong underwear. You wouldn’t actually find the traces of g-strings but there are multitudes of places where the history of men’s thong underwear is mentioned.


The concept or the vision

Now, coming down to the actual physical styles, men’s thong underwear is considered to be the skimpier version of men's panties. You see, men's panties include styles like cheeky underwear, lace underwear, or even men's bikinis. The line of men’s thong underwear is considered to be men's panties because of the comfort, sexiness, and peppy attributes that the style has.

On the other hand, the line of g-strings for men is sexy underwear that features a thin string that goes between the buttocks and keeps itself out of sight. While the front of both men’s thong underwear and g-strings look similar (thanks to the innovation by the brands), the back makes all the difference.

Men's Thong Underwear

The purpose of the styles

Talking about men’s thong underwear, you can except the variants to be available for all kinds of occasions like regular wear, partying, romantic evenings, workout (in some cases), and others. With the broader fabric in the back, the variant can be worn for different purposes. Likewise, if the fabric is thin - you can restrict yourself from wearing it everywhere.

On the other hand, the skimpiness of the g-strings makes them apt for specific purposes only. You could wear them for romantic evenings and pleasure purposes only.

Though I could have talked about the fabrics, the cuts, and other features as well, when it comes to those features, the men's underwear brands have come to a point where there’s nothing like differences. You could find fabrics like sheer, lace, and others in both men’s thong underwear and g-strings as well. Likewise, cuts also come in the same boundary.

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