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New Arrival Thongs By Good Devil

Did you just see the new arrival products available at Skiviez? Well, I was quite enthralled by the collection put forward by the various brands in the men’s underwear store. The men’s underwear that I chose to write about today, are crafted by the sexiest brand Good Devil and specifically their bestseller assortment of men’s thong underwear.

Well, both the products available in the category are way opposites. Where one is quite intriguing and sensual, the other is spot on and very erotic. However, both are designed for the purpose of comforting and leveling up the sex appeal of the male anatomy as well as the personality on a whole.

Let us now look at the two pieces one by one below.

Good Devil Intense Slip Thong:

The subtle on the first look, but when you look a little deeper, you’ll understand that the basic idea of the Intense Slip thong is to slowly come to the real action. The unique snap pouch features snap buttons that can be ripped apart when you feel the moment has arrived. Till then you can tease your partner with the tiny opening on the side of the fashion underwear pouch which reveals a little skin for the show. With a broader rear coverage, Good Devil gives an in-between of a thong and bikini underwear. You can know more about bikinis here.

Good Devil Free Your Desires Slip Thong:

Being the outrageous one, the Free Your Desires Slip Thong brings the attention straight to the point where it should be and provides an erotic attitude down there. Well, if you are less into foreplay and seek something that can be used to come straight to action, this erotic underwear is just what you should bag in from the men’s underwear store. With a broad waistband and an open pouch (which brings forth the manhood to breathe free), strings are what connects the pouch and the waistband in criss-cross form. With broad piping-styled stripes in an exquisite design on the butts, the rear coverage is conventional.

Both the pieces are made with a combination of 91% polyester and 9% spandex, provide the best of durability, sweat-free feeling and comfort down there. What more can you ask of your sexy underwear? Well, these are a must have for the respective personalities.

Check out these pieces at and avail the discounts.

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