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Keep It Comfortable and Classy With Otzi Cotton Thong

It is always a delight to be in a pair of men’s underwear that is equally comfortable as sexy. Otzi introduced its classy assortment of men’s thong underwear from which Otzi Cotton Thong was loved by the wearers the most. Crafted from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, the style has all the qualities of a deserving product necessary for your underwear wardrobe.



1. Enhancement:

When you see it on the site, it won’t make much of a difference, but when I actually slipped into the pair; I could actually see the bulge in the pants as well. The ultra comfortable pouch is made with a visible center seam that provides more space for the manhood to stretch. The triangular shaped pouch with the thick piping lifts and prevents the package to get harmed between the thighs.

2. Coverage:

Unlike the other brands, this sexy underwear has a little more coverage on the top rear which covers the starting of the butt crack but hides nothing less than the conventional pairs. Butt cheeks are left for the show.

3. Fabric composition:

Cotton is always loved by the wearers and when it has a huge chunk of spandex with it; it provides ample stretch to the legs. This fabric composition makes the style appropriate for every day.

4. Designs:

Though the assortment is available in solid colors, but the solid designs (color combinations) are worth the mention. The combinations available are: red/grey (pouch/waistband), jasper/white, yellow/white, turquoise/white and royal blue/orange.

The sexy thong is available in all the sizes to fit perfectly on the different sized male anatomy. If you want the best of this tiny, exotic underwear style, make sure you purchase the right size (to prevent adjusting and hold on the pouch). These pairs can be worn every day to work, gym, and anywhere else as well as for special occasions.

Otzi Cotton Thong is available at affordable prices at

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