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Intymen Fill It Thong- For Support and Definition

About the Product-

Intymen Fill It Thong features an extraordinary pouch design that gently pulls your package up and forward for a stimulating wearing experience and a significant boost to the size of your bulge. This style of men's thong features a front panel with a C ring that snug up against your lower abdomen. An added seam below the pouch offers extra lift and support. The ultimate fabric combination of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, providing slightly less coverage than a traditional thong but still covering and supporting the package in the front.

What do consumers appreciate the product?


The super-soft fabric which is both comfortable and luxuriant to the touch is what consumers actually enjoy wearing the Intymen Fill It, Thong. Men generally prefer wearing this thong for a non-sagging fit.


Front Contoured Pouch-

The supporting pouch in the front that allows cradling the entire male package for easy access to your goods. The pouch offers comfort to the manhood.


Snug Fit-

Being super comfortable, Intymen Fill It Thong provides a comfortable experience that is soft feel as well as in fit.

The perfect blend of smoothness and breath-ability makes the underwear style popular amongst a modern male generation. Quality, comfort, and sexiness is what the style all about.

Great for relaxing and workouts, Intymen Fill It Thong counts to be the best men's underwear style that combines basic fit with modern intimate design elements. Shop the collection available today at

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