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Good Devil Zoom Thongs- Review

If you watched the video you’d be thorough with what it talks about. The video was posted on YouTube by a reviewer who put forward a review of the bestseller product by Good Devil named the Zoom Thongs.

The reviewer details about the products in brief and starts by telling that these male thongs are made in Columbia. He then also compares the product with the Joe Snyder Bulge range of sexy underwear. With a closer look of the product, the reviewer focuses on the pouch of the apparel which features extra space for the manhood to take its place without losing the comfort aspect. The enhancing underwear front is what lifts the manhood to make it more visible even in the pants.

The product once flipped, he focuses on the back fabric which is minimal and diminishes between the butt flaps once worn. The waistband is not very broad but the elasticity makes it quite comfortable on the body.

Made with a combination of 83% polyester and 17% spandex, makes them a little less stretchy on the waistband but with no fabric on the sides, you get enhanced leg movement. Eventually the focus shifts to the tag available in the back that mentions the caring tips.

With so many colors available at, why not try these yourself?


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