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Do you hate men's thong? Its time to change your angle.

Do you hate men's thong? Its time to change your angle.

Male thongs are not an easy nut to crack, you have to an expert or must be well versed with its do's and don'ts. People who are carrying it since ages know the rules but for beginners, things are a little different. They have no clue when to pair them? How often one should wear them and what is the right time to be with them? 

Due to lack of knowledge about fabrics beginners end up wearing polyester and nylon-based thong underwear during summers. They wear it during office hours hence they are not getting the right results. Well, its time to change the angle gentleman.

1.Causes infection:

Well, its a fact that thong underwear for men are hated because it creates infection. You have to be very careful. Thongs or G-string are capable of creating a breeding ground of bacteria in your private part.

But that doesn't mean,

You should ditch them completely because this skinny and tiny creature gives you a feeling of nothingness down there. One who is wearing them doesn't have to worry about embarrassing panty lines and credit goes to string with which the fabric is connected.

Cover Male CM165 Sensuality Slip Thong for men

To avoid infection,

While going to bed switch back to boxers or if not that, sleeping naked works too. Go for lightweight and breathable fabrics such as cotton, modal or bamboo. Save your male thongs for intimate purposes or while you are on the beach. You can even wear them in pool parties.

2. Protection is not their cup of tea: 

The second biggest reason for disliking this style of mens lingerie is lack of protection. Well, your G-strings, thongs and mens bikini's are not meant for supporting you, they are crafted to embrace your package while you are with your better half. Because its pouch is loose men feel insecure

Not to forget that,

They help you to make a bold statement in front of your better half and reflect your daring personality. The way it enhances your manhood cant be described and when you slip down in silk-based men's thongs, No words for that.

To avoid protection issues,

Go for men's jock briefs, male briefs, men's boxer briefs. Limit their usage.

3. It's uncomfortable:

Men who are not used to such erotic styles of underwear due to their excess of skin exposure before wearing them should practice how to pull them off. Another reason for causing discomfort is the wrong choice of fabric because when they both combine it will leave you choked and instead of experiencing the luxury you land up troubling yourself.

Feel FEK006 Thong for men

Let me remind you that,

Male thongs serve as multi-purpose underwear and its lightweight fabrics and skinny construction help you stay cool during hot humid climate hence you can swim in and enjoy the summer without sweating yourself down there. You may flaunt your toned butt if you feel comfortable and thong wearer can easily switch to G-string in the future.

So, to avoid discomfort,

First and foremost thing, check the fabric. If you are a beginner and by any chance have invested in polyester and nylon thong underwear keep it for your swimming days. For regular wear look for something that is cotton blended. Try wearing it more often.

You don't have to hate this erotic pair of lingerie, all you have to do is be cautious about the material. You need to know the right way of styling them up. If you get surprised looking at those men who confidently pull it up and keep wondering" how come", let me tell you once you start following the above steps you could be one of them. Be precise with your size, If you have got the right brand which provides you with the right pair of lingerie sticks to you and keeps wearing them more often after all practice makes a man perfect.

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