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Add Comfort to Your Manhood With Edipous Psuche Sexy Thong

If you’ve ever felt like feeling like a Greek God, this is the time you add this brand to your list of favorites. I might have said this before, but the men’s underwear brand Edipous focuses and boasts about making you feel like a Greek God. The image showcases the product from the bestseller assortment of men’s thong underwear and is called as Edipous Psuche Sexy Thong.

Edipous Psuche Sexy Thong | SkiviezWith just a tiny pouch in the front, a triangular patch visible on the back that thins down to pass through the butts and a functional waistband, the sexy underwear features nothing at all. Well, you don’t even need anything else when it is about comfort, exposure, sex appeal and most importantly the masculinity.

85% polyamide and 15% spandex makes to be the best fabric composition that lets you feel sweat-free, comfortable and flexible down there. The only big fabric chunk is in the pouch that is designed to be anatomically for the manhood’s comfort. Your junk can rest, shape up and stay the way it wants to be in the fabric.

The elastic waistband of the fashion underwear style is very functional and sturdy in order to keep everything together. At Skiviez, the pair is available at affordable prices.

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