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5 Things only Thong Wearers would Understand

If you take a look at the statistics, you’d still find that the majority of men prefer to wear either men’s brief underwear or boxer briefs. However, men’s thong underwear still grab the spot that it doesn’t deserve. While there are numerous men who love to wear thongs, there are those who regret that they wore the fashion underwear style.

Well, this blog is about what men actually feel when they try thongs for the first time as well as in the long run. The below-mentioned things are only felt by the thong wearers.

1. It is the sexiest style- When you take a look at the men’s underwear style for the first time, you are either in awe of the creation or else you’ll be disgusted. The construction features a small piece of fabric in the front called as the pouch that might or might not cover the manhood while the rear is about a thick strap or string that connects the pouch to the waistband by passing through the butts.

2. Scared to bend over?- This is what the first timers feel while wearing a thong underneath. The majority of the first timers find it difficult to get the right size of the apparel style. Hence, every time they bend over, the rear string rides up the butt crack and needs adjustment once you come back to the original position. Well, the right size doesn’t do that.

3. They’re the best-suited option- When you know that you’re up for a party that calls for your retro tight denim jeans, thongs or men’s g-string underwear are the only saviors. The plus point of wearing these under tight pants is to safeguard yourself from getting embarrassed when the underwear lines of boxer briefs or brief underwear pop up.

4. Butt savers when you run out of other styles - You all must have experienced those days when you run out of underneath articles probably because there’s a lot of work or some other reason. Well, this, in turn, delights you because you’d be able to wear something like lace underwear or sheer underwear down there to make the monotonous days exciting.

5. Infection is the worst with thongs- Some studies show that thongs worn regularly can give you an infection. Some also say that if you are not well, thongs must not be worn because they worsen it. Well, thongs being a minimal structure, the string that goes from the pouch to the butts is thin and also is said to increase infection. This is one aspect that scares men because they don’t clean their privates every day as well as don’t even change underclothing articles that promote infection.

And despite all the shower and sunshine, you can’t enough of thongs for men.

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