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Keep It Sleek And Stylish At The Beach With 2eros Tab Swim Square Cut

If you are looking for something that is tiny as bikini underwear and functional as men’s trunks, but for sporting it at the beach; 2eros V06.12 Tab Swim Square Cut Aqua is what makes to be the perfect men’s swimwear. Available at Skiviez, the brand offers its delectable assortment that not only pleases the eyes; they are functional by nature.

2eros Tab Swim Square Cut Aqua | SkiviezMade in Australia, the respective men’s swim square cut features a minimal design with a white colored waistband and leg piping that defines the legs. The black drawstring on the waist gives you an adjustable fit while the pouch area looks as well as feels roomy for the manhood to settle down with a lot of comforts. The designer underwear features a low-rise fit to ride low on the waistline.

Made of 80% nylon and 20% elastane, you will feel lightweight, sexy, dry and a lot more flexible than imagined with the fashionable piece. In terms of coverage, you’ll find that the fabric hugs you in the right places and covers more than just what needs to be covered. You can see the pair for yourself at the men’s underwear store.

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