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6 Swimwear facts every fashion-savvy man needs to know

how should the ideal swimwear be like

It seems as if fall has just gone and it is already time to set out for a fun-filled beach outing. The best thing about the scorching heat of Summers is the water adventures and exotic trips that follow it with. Are you planning to lounge along one of the coasts at some point in the next few months? No matter what you’re planning, you’ll definitely end up getting wet. So, get your closet ready if you don’t wanna get into the hitch of the last minute preparation. Whether you have the right shirt and pair of shoes or not, but the perfect swimwear is a must.

So boys, is the wide array of men’s swimwear is confusing you? Take a look at the checklist of the features that your swimwear must-have.

On the go style

The choice of your underneath article is by far the most important aspect of the trip. The swimwear is probably the only apparel that you’ll end up with. So, whether you’re planning to go to an exotic beach or to an exotic destination make sure that you select a good looking beach attire. Pick the style that matches your taste, personality as well as the purpose. Your days of basking the sun should be relaxing. So, do not choose a swimwear style that you’re not comfortable with.

Fabric matters

It is not just the style that matters at the beach. The fabric is a very important aspect of such outings. The fabric of your swimsuit should be soft and durable. The material should be water and chlorine resistant. Water retention in your privates can lead to painful chafing and rashes. Moreover, the chlorinated water has other harmful effects on your crotch area. Properties like quick-drying, abrasion-resistant and UV protection is a must. Polyester has dominated the swimwear industry for long. Even nylon and blended synthetic fibers qualify as the perfect material for swimsuits.


Mens' Swimwear

The beach attire that restricts you from undergoing the beach adventures is the last thing that you would want. So, flexibility and stretch is another important factor that your underneath apparel should have. The flexibility of polyester and nylon is another reason that makes it an ideal option as a swimsuit fabric. Check the material blend before ordering your piece. The fabric should have a pinch of spandex, elastane or LYCRA, in order to ensure stretchiness all day long.


The broad shorts are a versatile option for the beach season, but this style doesn’t provide the much-needed support to the manhood. Dangling junk is prone to sticking and internal injuries. Thus, the pouch option of your swimwear should bundle the package and keep them in place while you enjoy the water adventures. Swim briefs and bikinis are ideal for such an occasion. Moreover, the pouch should keep the manhood away from the body, otherwise, it would lead to sticking and squashing.

Perfect fit

Conventionally it is believed that your swimwear should end a few inches above the knees. However, it is not necessary. You can even go for the skimpy styles of men’s bikinis swimwear if you dare to go bold. At the same time, the fabric of the apparel should sit snugly on your skin. This would prevent riding or bunch up. Very loose bottoms may become heavy and uncomfortable after getting wet. So, ensure that you choose the right fit. The waistband of the swimwear should have an internal drawstring that can be adjusted to keep everything in the right place.

Splashy colors and prints

Gone are the days when the fashion for men was confined to some hand-picked shades. The classic shades are a safe option, but it won’t trigger the taste bud of fashion-savvy generation. The market these days are flooded with the suits that have striking patterns and colors. Your piece should be versatile enough to stay on fleek with the trend as well as it should go with personality at the same time. You can even go for the splashy prints and patterns, in order to deck out your beach look.

Is there any other feature that was missed out in the write-up? Share with us in the comment below.

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