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6 Summer Style taboos debunked

The best style statement in the world is the one that looks good on you. There is no thumb rule when it comes to styling yourself. It is, in fact, eternal and a way of saying who you are without even speaking a word. Hence, there should be no boundary or limit to the same. However, there are certain stigmas and taboos prevailing that for sure is a hindrance in projecting the best ever personality. Listed below are some of the Summer style taboos that you need to get over right away. Have a look.

Layers are not for Summer

Layers are not for Summer
This is a common conception that layers are just of Winters and should not be a part of the style quotient during Summers. Do you think the same way? you need to reconsider! Layers, in fact, takes your personal style to the next level, regardless of the season. What really matters is how you pull off the same. You obviously can't wear bomber jackets in the heat of Summer, but there are better options available. Pair your t-shirt with a sleek cardigan or lightweight hoodies and it'll keep you on trends as well as cozy all day long. Choosing the right fabric is the key to strike the right balance between style and comfort during this season.

Flip flops are not for men

Flip flops are not for menUndoubtedly, footwear is a statement-making piece in the personality of a man. However, taking it casually is acceptable at times. You just can't compromise on the style when it comes to a strictly formal look, but there is nothing wrong in exploring the options for casual occasions. There is a common perception that flip-flops are not for men and should not be worn even during the hottest day of the year. However, shorts paired with slippers and sandals will look very cool. Even some of the offices allow their employee to wear it work. Ditch the unnecessary stigma and push the boundaries of your style.

The floral print isn’t masculine

Floral print isn’t masculineWho says floral prints are not masculine? Have you ever tried the Hawaiian t-shirts and dress shirts, they are stylish as can be. The fact is masculinity lies in your personality and attitude. A real man can pull off any attire with grace and machismo. The floral prints when accessorized with the right style of hat, sunglasses, footwear, and other such items can leave everyone amazed. The dark and subdued prints with the splash of sassy shades can add a flair of style every man. Make sure that you pair it with the contrasting shorts, chinos, and trousers.

Tighty-whiteys are the only underwear for the season

underwear for the seasonAre you still obsessed with the tighty-whiteys, when it comes to underneath articles? Then, your wardrobe needs a revamp. There is a wide variety of men's underwear available that are better options for the hot and humid season. Not only the briefs, but you can also even find men’s bikinis and thongs for men. The high cuts of these undies are airy and comfy options for your manhood. Other than this, even in the swimwear section, you can find swim bikinis, briefs, and many other styles. So, raise your bar of sex appeal and try the contemporary cuts of skivvies.

Deep v-neck is acceptable

Deep v-neck is acceptableThe thin and lightweight t-shirts are the only options for casual wear during this season. However, that doesn't mean you can wear anything and everything. There are certain thumb-rule of laid back look that you need to consider. Tees with deep v-shaped neckline are not at all accepted. Even if you are going with the v-necks, then, the neckline should end right at the collar bone. The ones going deep down to your chest gives a very tacky and immature look.

Any bright color is perfect

While the sunny season is a perfect time to experiment with the options available in the fashion industry, ensure that you are not going over-the-top. This is the time to try the bright shades. However, not every color will suit your personality. The shade that you are choosing should complement your personality and skin tone. Make your choice sensibly instead of going with the trend blindly.

Have you been following any of these taboos? If yes, then, it is time for your change. Leave us a comment in the section below.

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