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Things nobody told you about g-string

I remember the first time I saw a pair of g-string when one of my female friends dropped open her suitcase while we were traveling together. It was the discovery moment for me because I had never seen something like this before.

They looked absolutely stunning at first!

I never saw them again until when I was looking forward to buying a pair of men’s underwear for myself. I was awestruck for a moment and kept on thinking- when did they start designing g-string underwear for men?

I stood there waiting for 13 flat minutes and was too tempted to have one for myself. Since then, I am a changed person who can wear any fashion underwear style without thinking a lot about it.

From my personal experience and some others which have been shared with me, let me share with you some things that no one told you about.

They all aren’t comfortable


I have been wearing the respective sexy underwear style for almost 3 years down the line and have realized that every g-string isn’t comfortable to be worn. You might consider it to the fault of the fabric or the coverage (or anything else), but you cannot judge them all by experiencing one.

They’re available for every body type

Being with this for a while now, I have seen a lot of men wearing the exotic style. You must have a lot about “only skinny men wear it or the ones with a chiseled body must own it”, the fact is if you have the guts, you are free to sport it. All you got to do is choose the one that complements your body.

They might or might be able to hold your package


The conventional men’s thong underwear is designed to cover and support your manhood but some of the brands that manufacture g-strings design the style to be so flimsy as well as fragile that a lot of movement can cause you trouble. For example, with a huge package below the belt, you need something that can carry you off well rather than letting your manhood loose.

They make you look sexier

Who said anything about looking weird, I find myself looking absolutely sexy when I slip into these pairs. I take a moment and stand in front of the mirror to see myself in order to feel good for the rest of the day. If you are single and looking for an option to love yourself, this is it!

You can wear the style wherever you want

The time I started wearing them, I made it a point to restrict them for times like dates and parties. However, later I felt the need of having something sexy down there for work and I adopted them for that time as well. Now, you have so many options that you can sport them day-in-day-out.

You have to check what outfit you’ll wear with them

You just can’t wear everything with g-strings! You have to understand that when you wear (anything) your butts tend to swing a lot than they do in jockstraps or the conventional briefs. In order to make them look round without the bounce, pull up body hug trousers.

They provide you the “fit it and forget it” feeling

Once you’re tucked into the skimpy pieces, you don’t have to worry about anything because you’re good to go. The entire day would pass with the feeling of having nothing down there because of the luxurious fabrics and barely there construction.

They can cause infection


Once you start wearing it on a regular basis, you start to feel regular in them and it is hard to get rid of them. Simply put, just like your conventional pieces, you don’t your sheer underwear pieces which lead to infection. The body fluid constantly getting accumulated on the tiny patch of fabric, you’d find the constant connection with the manhood gets prone to bacterial infection. Hence, keep changing them every day.

Do you relate to any of these aspects? Do let us know in the comments below.

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