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Men’s G-String- What Makes It A Sexier Style?

Men’s g-string underwear has been in the industry for quite some time now and has been accepted by people all over the world. Men world over wear it for a variety of reasons and they have their own idea to make it look very appealing on them by wearing them at for different occasions. However, there are very few men who actually know what makes their sexy men’s underwear style very sexy. Confused?

Well, every fashion underwear style has its own charm and uniqueness for which they are popular among men. For example, bikini underwear is loved for its sensuously tempting appeal while briefs for their snug fit. Likewise, g-string also their USP for which they are loved and considered sexy.

1. Minimal fabric coverage: The very first thing that makes see-through g-strings a lot sexier than the conventional thong underwear is the minimal coverage by the fabric. The construction of g-string requires only a small piece of fabric which is in the front. This minimal coverage serves as the functional (optional) contouring pouch that covers and lifts the manhood and leaves the adjacent area for the show. Lesser the fabric, greater is the sex appeal.

Daniel Alexander G-Strings
2. Fabric quality: You’d agree with me on the fact that not all fabrics provide the luxurious appeal to the masculinity. Well, if I was wrong here, why would men opt for leather, silk or satin for the special moments? Got my point? Currently apart from all these mentioned materials, see-through, lace and other few others are trending all for the right reasons. Sheer underwear fabrics can take your sex appeal to a different level, you can know more here. Some fabrics offer visible bulge in the front, giving you a sexier look. Not only in terms of look but also these fabric types offers comfort down below.

3. A variety of pouch options: With just the pouch as the coverage and highly important aspect, brands available at Skiviez offers numerous kinds of pouches. The range starts from functional, practical and goes all the way to pleasurable as well as pampering. Though the basic function of the pouch is an enhancement and intimacy; there are other roles that the pouch plays. Hence, the pouch is one feature of the designer underwear style that makes it exemplary and very pleasing to the eyes.

So, if you are a guy who seeks sexy and naughty modifications in your underneath fashion, seductive g-strings for men are the answer to your prayers. Do feel free to share your comments in the box below and check out the new assortment available at

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