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Men’s G-String Underwear- Top 5 of 2016

The year 2016 has been quite a fashionable year talking about style, trends and options. Talking specifically about underneath fashion, Skiviez has been providing men some really sexy, exotic and functional pieces that worked quite well for the male anatomy as well as the overall personality. The collection of men’s g-string underwear too had been loved by men worldwide and hence, we were compelled to reveal the top 5 products of 2016 that created a buzz among the male population.

This blog will be a guide for you to reach the top 5 sexy underwear products available at the men’s underwear online store.

Good Devil G-String

One of the most erotic and popular piece that comes across as the most outrageous thing is the Good Devil G-String that features a cylindrical pouch that holds the manhood vertically upwards for an erected position. While the front gets covered, the lower part of the manhood has cock holder straps that reveal it. The rear is a typical g-string rear. Can you ask for more??

Good Devil G-String | Skiviez

Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz G-String

Coming down to fashion underwear that is perfect for men who seek undeniable support, style and sex appeal in their below the belt, the Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz g-string is worth the try. The triangular pouch with a geometrical print in the front and everything else for the show, this is an absolutely stunning piece. Thin string waistband and the same width rear string leaves nothing to the imagination while the pouch does hide everything under covers.

Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz G-String | Skiviez

Cover Male Power G-String

Talking about Cover Male, the style has to be unique with the undying support to the assets. With a front that has a lot of fabric as inserts held together with thick piping all over the edges as well as the cut-outs on the pouch sides feature outlining. The contouring pouch hangs low but provides the support needed support to the shaft. On the first look you might get confused it to be a thong underwear but the rear reveals that to you in detail. The thin width of the back strings make sure it is a g-string.

Cover Male Power G-String | Skiviez

Miami Jock Sexual Activity G-String

The name itself says a lot about the purpose and design of the erotic underwear. With the name Miami Jock Sexual Activity G-String, who wouldn’t love to sport an erotic piece when romance and teasing is on the mind. With a shiny waistband, a couple of strings hold the pouch leaving the top of the manhood for the visibility. The shiny pouch lifts but it is all till the time the pair doesn’t come off.

Miami Jock Sexual Activity G-String | Skiviez

Intymen Pea Cock G-String

Entering in the field of g-strings, Intymen has finally reached the point where men would be able to wear sporty cum sultry g-strings. With complete wrapped front (not forgetting the support and enhancement), the thong-like rear features a broad waistband with an additional layer of fabric below it and conventional g-string back that passes through the butts.

Intymen Pea Cock G-String | SkiviezIf you think your favorite is not mentioned here, please inbox its name in the comments below.

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