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Keep It Low With Good Devil G-Strings

Good Devil G-strings is the bestseller assortment available at Skiviez. If you haven’t thought about slipping into the pair as of lately, you should give it a thought. However, you need a lot of courage and confidence to slip into something so sexy, skimpy and sensual. The Good Devil Sheer Sides G-String is one such exotic men's underwear style that lifts your mood without making it look obscene. It is sheer hotness when you end up showing it off in your bedroom.

Good Devil G-Strings | SkiviezFeaturing just a pouch in terms of fabric, the rest you can find is a thin string as waistband as well as the one that passes between the butt cheeks and nothing else to cover your assets. The biggest fabric part i.e., the pouch features a solid strap of fabric in the center that covers the top of the shaft while the sheer panels in the sides give ample to the show.

You get ample amount of comfort, breathability, and stretch with the construction and fabric composition of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. Well, this sheer underwear has its own beauties that need to be figured out and can only be done once you actually experience it on your manhood.

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