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Have Fun With Daniel Alexander G-String Underwear

Have Fun With Daniel Alexander G-String Underwear

If you take a look at the inventory offered by Daniel Alexander at Skiviez, you’ll find that the sexy men’s underwear brand has moved from the solid colored products to designer underwear styles that feature delectable prints and appealing designs. The sexy underwear styles offered by the brand have one thing in common from the time the label was introduced to the products recently added to the men’s underwear online store.

Daniel Alexander Fun G-String Yellow/Green

The Daniel Alexander Fun G-String is one such piece that is hot, sexy, supportive, conventionally modern and very comfortable with the masculinity. The g-string underwear features three contrast solid colors on the triangular pouch with a shimmery DA (short for Daniel Alexander) logo in the front, the apparel style looks absolutely worth being flaunted at the beach or poolside. 85% nylon and 15% spandex is what provides the texture, comfort and, flexibility.

The pouch is made to hold the manhood and support it to the best of the ability. The string waistband and rear string are thin yet very functional. Check it out at

Daniel Alexander Underwear from Skiviez on Vimeo.

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